Advanced Data Visualizations at Lightning Speed

Developers building scientific, engineering and trading applications need sophisticated data visualizations and ultra-fast performance. With Arction’s controls and components for Windows Forms (WinForms) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), .NET developers get the tools they need to transform massive data sets into astonishing charts and graphs.
“Our engineers are an interesting mix of senior developers with deep knowledge in bio-med, digital signal processing, and GIS,” said Pasi Tuomainen, CEO and CTO of Arction. “Our active communication with our customers drives us to develop innovative and advanced features.”

LightningChart Ultimate Delivers Unmatched Performance
LightningChart Ultimate, Arction’s flagship product, is the fastest 2D and 3D measurement, engineering, trading and research data visualization SDK for .NET and Windows. Its mix of components and controls are GPU-accelerated (Direct3D) and performance-optimized, enabling developers to present massive amounts of data in 2D (XY) graphs, 3D (XYZ) graphs, polar, and 3D pie or donut views. LightningChart Ultimate SDK also includes auxiliary components for developing state-of-the-art software.
Unlike components that provide basic charting and graphing capabilities, LightningChart Ultimate allows developers to take advantage of advanced 2D and 3D data visualizations. The product uses 3D GPU efficiently to reduce compute time and to accelerate rendering.
“Performance is a key factor for developers who need to visualize huge amounts of data, especially in real time,” said Tuomainen. “We selected Direct3D acceleration for all 2D and 3D charts while competitors make them generally with WPF’s built-in graphics routines or GDI+.”
Low-level Direct 3D programming is very laborious. Using Arction components, developers can accomplish great visualizations without writing complex code.
LightningChart Ultimate provides comprehensive property trees for creating advanced scientific visualizations. In addition, different elements can be combined in the same chart. Some of LightningChart’s most popular features include real-time data plotting and advanced 3D surface charts. The latest release includes support for Visual Studio 2013, touch screens, online street and satellite maps, weather data, and 3D polygons. It also allows heat map chart data to be updated incredibly fast.
“No one makes faster rendering .NET charts,” said Tuomainen. “Developers tell us our WPF chart is the most advanced on the market.”’

Massive Data Requires Advanced Capabilities
Software Consultant Tim Davey is building high-performance charting components for clients that want to display RF spectrum analysis in real time in a variety of complex formats, including being projected onto a 3D representation of geographic terrain. He considers LightningChart in a class of its own for projects involving lots of complexity and requiring high levels of performance. He also underscored the responsiveness of Arction’s product development and support teams.
“Data visualization is becoming more important as the sheer amount of data continues to grow,” said Tuomainen. “Putting that in an easily understandable visual format is a must.”
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