Catch Software Improves QA Outcomes

Software teams that want to avoid project failure, unnecessary rework and unforeseen costs can’t afford to sacrifice product quality for speed.  Around the globe, development, quality and test professionals are using Catch Software’s test management software, execution, and integration tools to improve their overall effectiveness.
“Enterprise teams are incredibly passionate about the role of quality assurance because they realize better business outcomes depend on it,” said Bryce Day, Founder and CEO of Catch Software.  “Quality and test challenges almost always occur in fast-moving, complex, and time-critical situations.  And increasingly, work is being performed in cross-functional, multi-time zone and cross-cultural settings.”

High-profile customers such as Intel, Verizon, PayPal, LG Electronics, Air New Zealand, and the U.S. Navy rely on Catch Software’s award-winning products to continuously improve the quality of their software and the efficiency of their QA and test practices.  The company maintains strong relationships with Atlassian and Sparx Systems to ensure reliable integration with JIRA and Enterprise Architect, respectively.  Its enterprise-grade quality and test management platforms are backed by a highly responsive service desk.  In addition, the company also provides optional assistance for functional design and integration, adoption, training and optimization so customers can meet their goals with greater speed and ease.

“Keeping pace with industry changes and reflecting on opportunities for improvement can be a luxury,” Day said.  “People need tools that simplify all of that, make their job easier, and help them deliver great outcomes.”

Save Time with Enterprise Tester
Enterprise Tester is Catch Software’s flagship product.  It saves as much as 60 percent of test setup time by reusing test scripts.  Enterprise Tester also eliminates tool and effort duplication by tightly integrating with requirements management and defect tracking tools to provide full traceability from requirements definition and testing to incident management.

“Enterprise Tester helps practitioners and companies plan, complete, report on, and learn from their quality assurance activities,” said Day.

The fast pace of agile practices and the complexity of mobile development are challenging QA and test teams to maintain or improve software quality standards despite shrinking release cycles and growing environmental complexity.

“Evolving methodologies such as Agile and Lean as well as business demands for reporting, mobility, multi-system integration, security and compliance have a huge effect on QA and testing.  And as more businesses look for ways to exploit new markets for information security, social, digital media, the Internet of Things and payments, the situation is getting more difficult to manage,” said Day.

Enterprise Tester’s architecture addresses today’s business demands for security, mobility, ease of use, re-use, two-way and application-ready integration.

“Customers expect easy setup and ready-to-use, out-of-the-box integration whenever possible.  And the time-to-value for adopting quality management systems has to be immediate,” said Day.  “Some teams avoid looking for quality management systems because they fear it will be arduous, time-consuming, and frustrating to validate whether the product does what the marketing says it does.”

Unlike some other solutions, Enterprise Tester is simple to implement and it operates across diverse customer environments.  Customers appreciate Enterprise Tester’s rich library of test cases, which are simple to create, manage, and use.

Get More with Plug-ins
Catch Software also offers two Enterprise Tester plugins:  Duette and Rover.  Duette allows users to import and view test results from IBM Rational Functional Tester, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) and Selenium Remote Control (RC).  Using Rover, they can run tests and log defects offline using a mobile device and then sync their results back to their Enterprise Tester server later.

“More of our customers want to run tests and review quality and test activity away from the office,” said Day.  “Rover provides that flexibility in a simple-to-configure plug-in.”

Be Empowered
Catch Software listens closely to its customers, reflecting their needs and desires in iterations and constant release cycles.

“We want to ensure that our tools, features, and functions meet our customers’ actual requirements.  We regularly engage with our customers to better understand how their everyday challenges are evolving and what we can do to make them more effective and productive,” said Day.

Since the complex details of the software development lifecycle are not obvious or well understood by business sponsors and outside observers, Catch Software helps quality assurance and test professionals navigate the pressures of their roles so they have more time to keep pace with the volume of work, learn new skills, and continually improve the outcomes of their efforts.

“QT people are often like ‘hidden dragons’.”  What they do affects a company’s risk, reputation, and market position.  Yet their importance can be under-recognized and they often lack the voice or platform to affect change,” said Day.”  “This is where Catch Software tools and expertise can help the most.”

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