Build Amazing User Experiences with DevExpress

Enterprise developers who want to deliver the best possible user experiences on the desktop, on the Web, and on mobile devices choose DevExpress. DevExpress’ comprehensive, award-winning development tools for Windows, Web and mobile provide everything necessary to create stunning enterprise-ready applications across .NET platforms.
“Our customers are under pressure to deliver amazing solutions that run on the traditional desktop or Modern UI,” said Julian Bucknall, CTO of DevExpress. “DevExpress allows them to do that using their existing skill sets and technology investments.”
For more than 15 years DevExpress has helped developers build unparalleled user experiences. Its feature-complete UI controls, enterprise-ready reporting systems, IDE productivity tools and business application frameworks allow teams to build higher-quality applications, understand complex software, and increase productivity. With DevExpress, developers can bridge the gap between legacy enterprise and next-generation apps. From Office-inspired desktop and Web applications to touch-enabled mobile solutions targeting iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Surface Pro, DevExpress helps developers speed up the release of modern applications that combine intuitive functionality with unmatched aesthetics.
DevExpress Universal is the most comprehensive and cost-effective package DevExpress offers. It includes controls for Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC), Windows 8 eXtensible Markup Language (XAML), the DevExtreme HTML5/JavaScript framework for mobile app development, and the eXpressApp Framework (XAF). In addition, developers get the CodeRush code-debug-refactor tool, cross-platform reporting and document-generation tools, and enterprise report server and analytics dashboard tools. Individual products and other packages are also available.

Create Touch-first and Office-inspired Experiences
Using DevExpress controls, developers can deliver Modern UI applications without abandoning the WinForms or WPF platforms. The built-in touch/gesture support and touch-friendly application themes enable software teams to create elegant solutions that reuse existing code to replicate the Windows 8 UX while simultaneously providing backward compatibility for older versions of Windows. The controls also make it easy to replicate the Office user experience and to create both Windows desktop and ASP.NET Web applications for a wide range of use-case scenarios. Silverlight and Windows 8 XAML controls are also available to speed up the delivery of great-looking apps.

Embrace BYOD
The DevExtreme Mobile App Framework allows Visual Studio users to build the future today. Its touch-optimized user experience, natively rendered widgets, straightforward page navigation, view management, and data access layers help developers create iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Tizen apps using HTML5 and JavaScript that are ready for online publication, or can be packaged as store-ready native apps using PhoneGap.
“With DevExtreme, you can create a native look and feel without any extra effort, code or UI customization,” said Bucknall. “DevExtreme has built-in styling and it detects the platform at runtime, so it can automatically apply the ‘native’ theme to all widgets and navigational elements inside the apps.”

Improve Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting
Because today’s businesses run on data, DevExpress offers powerful tools for creating high-performance decision-support systems that are extremely cost-effective. From Analytics Dashboards for Windows and the Web to .NET Reporting and the DevExpress Report Server, DevExpress has everything .NET developers need to transform data into its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation.
“The DevExpress Report Server is a high-performance solution that’s enterprise-ready. It eliminates the hassles and limitations of proprietary reporting platforms, and allows enterprises to fully support any data provider, service, or data API,” said Bucknall. “The setup and administration are easy, and it reduces the burden on IT by allowing users to generate and manage their own reports.”

Target Windows and Web with One Codebase
XAF is a flexible application framework for creating powerful line-of-business applications that target Windows and the Web using a single codebase. Its scaffolding of the database and UI allow development teams to concentrate on business rules rather than the tedious tasks normally associated with Windows and Web development. XAF’s modular design facilitates a plug-and-play approach to common business requirements.

Accomplish More in Less Time
CodeRush makes developers more productive. It works in all versions of Visual Studio and fully supports C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, XAML, HTML and CSS. Using CodeRush, developers can improve code readability, extensibility, and architectural weight distribution through refactoring. They can also create new test cases instantly, understand bugs faster, consolidate duplicate code, and verify the robustness of their code.

Ensure Website Experience Quality
TestCafe is a Web testing tool that works out of the box with all HTML5 browsers. With TestCafe, it is easy to verify website quality through easy-to-record functional tests, create functional test cases for any website from any browser, and resolve website issues that have been identified by visitors. Novices can create test cases easily using the visual test recorder while testing professionals can fully access all the standard JavaScript/DOM APIs using the easy-to-learn API.
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