Parasoft Enables Continuous Testing

Accelerating the pace of the SDLC means supporting agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with continuous testing. That’s why the majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft to help them reduce defects. Parasoft enables Continuous Testing by preventing defects with their Development Testing Platform (DTP) and allowing organizations to “shift left’” (test earlier) with service virtualization, test environment management and API testing.

“Competitive advantages come from being the first to market with great software. Testing traditionally has been a time-boxed event at the end of the SDLC but today, we have to learn how to ‘shift left’ quality efforts—not only with functional and performance testing, but also with defect prevention,” said Wayne Ariola, chief strategy officer at Parasoft. “Parasoft helps businesses reduce risks and defect remediation costs by automatically discovering defects as early as possible. We also help companies evolve from automated testing to continuous testing by providing Service Virtualization to test earlier and more completely.”

Reduce Risks and Costs
Service Virtualization is critical for any organization that wants to test earlier and more completely. Parasoft Virtualize provides a simulated test environment that development and QA teams can use to test anytime, anywhere. In addition, developers and testers use can it to accelerate testing and to keep pace with iterative development methodologies such as Agile.

“Service Virtualization provides three distinct advantages,” said Ariola. “First, it allows organizations to exercise more complete end-to-end tests earlier in the SDLC. Second, it can reduce the business risks associated with application failure by enable greater test coverage. Third, it reduces the infrastructure costs associated with the need to test more completely and continuously.”

Parasoft Virtualize is an open automated service virtualization solution that creates, deploys and manages simulated dev/test environments. It emulates the behavior of dependent applications that are still evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing such as databases, mainframes, ERP systems, third-party systems, or services.

Comcast replaced an internal solution with Parasoft Virtualize to improve the speed, accuracy, and cost of testing.
The company originally built a Service Virtualization framework to performance test new applications. Although the framework improved the testing process, it was costly and time-consuming to maintain and the testing team had trouble sharing the test infrastructure.  Sometimes, downstream systems were not available. Other times, test engineers would try to run tests concurrently, which could affect the test results. The variability between tests made it difficult to isolate particular problems.

Using Parasoft Virtualize, Comcast reduced testing environment downtime by roughly 60 percent and saved about $500,000. It also improved the correlation between performance tests and the performance of new code in the live environment.  And, Comcast is achieving more consistent results between tests.

Ensure API Integrity
APIs are now driving both B2B and B2C transactions. The evolution of application logic into the message layer requires software teams to shift their focus from functional testing through the user interface to functional, performance, and security testing through the message layer.

“Ultimately, the integrity of APIs will be synonymous with the integrity of business,” said Ariola. “Since 2002, Parasoft SOAtest has been considered the industry gold standard for ensuring the API integrity.”

Parasoft SOAtest reduces the complexities inherent in complex, distributed applications. It allows organizations to reduce business risk by rapidly assessing if APIs are secure, reliable, and compliant. Development and QA teams use Parasoft SOAtest to maintain and execute end-to-end test scenarios.

Shift Left with Defect Prevention
Agile methodologies are here to stay. As organizations look to accelerate the SDLC, the entire team has to contribute to quality.

Parasoft DTP eliminates the business risk of faulty software by consistently applying software quality practices through the SDLC. Using enterprise-grade advanced analytics, it detects and prevents software defects early in the SDLC. It also connects to third-party and open-source tools.

“DTP ensures that all the tools you use are applied with process consistency,” said Ariola. “The outcome is the prevention of software defects and an overall reduction of costs associated with remediating the defects found downstream. Defect prevention must be the cornerstone for a shift-left quality initiative.”

The world’s leading beverage company uses Parasoft DTP to ensure the continued reliability and safety of its next-generation beverage dispensers.  If the dispensers do not work correctly, they can negatively impact revenues and brand reputation as well as expose the company to legal liabilities. Using Parasoft DTP for static analysis, the company can ensure that that all code developed for the project—across numerous distributed teams, development platforms, and programming languages—satisfies stringent reliability, security, and performance standards. With Parasoft DTP, the company can consistently align its development and testing efforts with business expectations, prevent defects, and use real-time risks assessments to make more informed decisions.

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