Syncfusion’s Multi-platform Offerings Will Extend to Big Data

Developers building line-of-business (LOB) applications rely on Syncfusion to deliver the UI, reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) components they need whether they’re targeting specific platforms or creating cross-platform applications. In June, the company will unveil frameworks for Big Data that will be particularly valuable for businesses using Hadoop, Cassandra and R.
“We have always been focused on line-of-business applications,” said Daniel Jebaraj, VP at Syncfusion. “We support any platform you want, and we will be there to support our customers’ desire to take advantage of Big Data platforms.”
Syncfusion’s flagship product is Essential Studio Enterprise. It is an enterprise-class toolkit with more than 600 unique controls for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC), JavaScript, Mobile MVC, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, WinRT, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Platform-specific suites are also available. Other currently available products include the Orubase mobile application development framework for developing LOB mobile applications targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, and Metro Studio, which is a collection of more than 2,500 Metro-style icon templates.

The Ultimate Line-of-Business Suite
Essential Studio Enterprise is ideal for development teams building LOB applications for different platforms or across platforms. Unlike some competitive offerings, it is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1.
Essential Studio Enterprise 2013 Volume 4 marked the official release of Essential Studio for JavaScript. The JavaScript suite now features more than 35 controls, including a rich-text editor, map, treemap, range navigator, barcode, date-time picker, and rotator controls. New WinRT features include 3D chart, PDF viewer, and rich-editor controls as well as enhancements to the WinRT Grid control. In addition, the collection of LightSwitch extensions has expanded to include new bullet graph, gauge, map, treemap, and range navigator controls, as well as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) client extensions.
Meanwhile, treemaps, linear gauges, digital gauges and maps are now available for Windows Forms. WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone developers can take advantage of 3D charts. There are also file format manipulation libraries for Windows Phone that allow Word, Excel and PDF files to be read and written on Windows Phones.
“The platform-specific enhancements are important because that’s what our customers need,” said Jebaraj. “WinRT is important given the Windows 8.1 update, and it’s going to be the future API for all the different Windows platforms. We also have a large desktop customer base using WPF for extremely mission-critical applications. Our Windows Forms customers still love that platform because it performs well and is easy to maintain. For JavaScript developers, we have many more controls than the basics most JavaScript frameworks provide.”

Forthcoming Big Data Products
Open-source technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra and R are becoming vital parts of the data-management ecosystem. As a result, developers are being tasked with building applications that take advantage of Big Data. In June, Syncfusion will introduce a very compelling set of solutions and support that enable the rapid implementation of Big Data solutions.
“Hadoop, Cassandra, R and similar platforms address a set of challenges related to the storage, management and analysis of data,” said Jebaraj. “Given their complex nature, most organizations using them for commercial purposes rely on third parties for commercial support. Such support is available today but is quite expensive and tied to the number of nodes to which the solutions are deployed.”
Syncfusion intends to disrupt the status quo by offering products and support that are not tied to deployment use. Regardless of the number of servers or end users, Syncfusion will remain true to its heritage of charging customers based on the number of developers using its product.
“Like all of our products, our forthcoming Big Data solutions will allow you to keep your team focused on solving business challenges,” Jebaraj said. “We will address any questions related to the technology, we will provide fixes or workarounds as applicable, and we will provide samples for typical use.”
Syncfusion will also guarantee 24-hour turnaround on any issue as a standard part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), and there will be no limits on the number of incident resolutions. Jebaraj said he expects the offering to be popular because customers will be able to depend on one vendor for all supported technologies and platforms. There will be no vendor lock-in requirement or no per-node cost. Teams will be empowered to ask any number of relevant questions without fear of hidden fees or additional costs. And, Syncfusion will assume 100% responsibility for the resolution of issues.

Need Help? Syncfusion Has It
In addition to providing unparalleled live customer and technical support, Syncfusion is expanding its library of e-books and white papers specially written for LOB application developers. More than 30 e-books are available now; more than 20 others will be available by the end of this year, some of which will address Big Data.
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