If you want to deliver game-changing software at a pace that mirrors the velocity of business, consider ComponentOne. For more than 24 years the company has provided UI and data controls that help developers provide more effective software solutions faster.

“Developers are challenged with delivering more high-quality features in less time than ever before,” said Bernardo Castilho, CTO of ComponentOne. “Instead of spending development time adding features to out-of-the-box controls, developing themes and making applications perform faster, developers turn to ComponentOne for their enterprise needs.”

ComponentOne offers the broadest selection of Visual Studio components, IDE platform development tools and applications. Their flagship product, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, is a complete set of tools and solutions for Windows, Web and mobile application developers. ComponentOne also offers SharePoint Web Parts that help your developers deliver rich, compelling SharePoint sites without writing code; Doc-To-Help, a long-recognized product for technical communicators who write and develop Help systems; and Wijmo, a complete kit of jQuery UI widgets for the Web.

“ComponentOne focuses on ease of development, performance, compatibility, documentation and support,” said Castilho. “Our .NET controls save developers more time and add more functionality than our competition. We also provide our clients with unique, valuable features such as PDF generation and viewing, incredibly fast and powerful data grids, 3D surface and contour charts, and engine-agnostic reporting controls for all platforms.”

Make Business Applications More Intelligent
ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight and WPF are control suites that include data visualization controls such as Chart, DataGrid, Gauges and Maps commonly used in line-of-business applications. They also include unique business intelligence controls such as a report viewer, available for Silverlight, WPF and OLAP data analysis controls, available for Silverlight exclusively.

The C1ReportViewer control adds powerful report viewing capabilities to Silverlight applications. It displays HTML- and PDF-based reports from virtually any report service, including SQL Server Reporting Services and C1Report. The viewer allows users to see, search, zoom, select, print and save reports. It is currently the only way to seamlessly integrate SSRS into Silverlight applications.

“The ReportViewer control that ships with Visual Studio doesn’t allow you to host it within Microsoft Silverlight applications,” said Castilho. “Using our control, developers can provide report viewing in Silverlight.”

ComponentOne OLAP for Silverlight adds OLAP analysis to Silverlight applications. The controls work against any regular data source so there is no need to set up OLAP cubes on the server. By adding a single control to the application, developers can provide their users with the power, flexibility and ease of use they are accustomed to when analyzing data with Microsoft Excel Pivot tables. ComponentOne OLAP includes advanced features such as flexible field formatting, multiple value fields, conditional formatting, and built-in charting and reporting.

SecuraMail.net used the C1PdfViewer as well as the ComponentOne PDF creation components to create reports inside Silverlight. According to Greg Gum, founder and lead software engineer of SecuraMail.net, without the viewer control, the document must be saved to the server and a link to the document must be provided to the user. The user then has to click on the link, which initiates a browser session, which can be used to view the PDF. Using C1PdfViewer control, he is able to create a PDF and display it immediately to deliver a seamless reporting experience in Silverlight.

Castilho said that some customers have realized 100% return on investment (ROI) in one week. In one case, a customer completed a large project in six weeks after an outsourced firm was unable to complete it in six months. Another customer saved 190 man-hours on a single project.

“We expect similar or even greater feedback given the features and technologies we have built into the products,” said Castilho. “Customers are thrilled when they discover a suite of controls that can help them get their work done better and faster. They realize they can leverage the knowledge they already have using the latest technologies. And, they can achieve great results every time.”

The Latest from ComponentOne
Last month, ComponentOne announced Studio Ultimate, a high-value package for developers who are working with (or plan to work with) the controls inside Studio Enterprise, OLAP data analysis controls, LINQ and more. By purchasing the bundle, developers can realize savings of US$4,075.

ComponentOne is currently working on a comprehensive Web development offering that supports jQuery, ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight 5. The company is also planning to release a full suite of controls for Windows Phone 7 and a new set of data components for multi-tiered applications; as Castilho said, “2011 will be a big year for ComponentOne. We look forward to releasing more quality products to the community.”
For more information about ComponentOne and its products, visit www.componentone.com.