If you’re adding charting capabilities to applications but are looking to deliver a better user experience than is possible using image-based charting components, FusionCharts has what you need. With FusionCharts v3, you can create animated and interactive charts that add a Wow! factor to your Web and enterprise applications. Already, 17,000 customers and 330,000 users in over 110 countries have discovered the competitive advantage FusionCharts delivers.

“FusionCharts helps you make web reports and dashboards look stunning,” said Pallav Nadhani, cofounder and CEO of FusionCharts. “It is the industry’s leading enterprise-grade charting component.”

FusionCharts includes more than 75 chart types and 500 maps with 2D and 3D capabilities that function seamlessly on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and most other mobile devices. It leverages Flash and JavaScript (HTML5) to create unusually aesthetic charts, and it works with both XML and JSON data. FusionCharts can be integrated with databases and server-side Web technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaServer Pages, ColdFusion and Ruby on Rails.

There are also FusionCharts or FusionCharts-powered packages specific to SharePoint, Flex, PowerPoint, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, FileMaker and Joomla.

What Makes FusionCharts Different?
First of all, better aesthetics. Despite the wide availability of charting components, developers can nevertheless be disappointed with the results. Because FusionCharts are animated, reports or dashboards built with them make a great first impression. The charts provide beautiful gradients that developers can opt to render in 2D or 3D and smart layouts.

“No other charting component comes even close to the looks we offer,” said Nadhani.
Fast and easy implementation. FusionCharts imports data in simple XML or JSON, so it is very easy to use with them with any language and database including SQL Server. Web developers can usually create their first charts in 15 minutes aided in part by FusionCharts’ comprehensive documentation.

Higher performance. Generating interactive charts can involve a lot of server-side image-map or Java code that degrades performance. Every time a new chart has to be generated, a new request must be sent to the server. FusionCharts generate charts on the client-side so there is far less overhead affecting the server. Each time a new image has to be generated, only the new data has to be fetched from the server.

Enterprise-grade charting and assistance.
FusionCharts is an enterprise-grade charting component unlike some other Flash and JavaScript-based charting components. It is supported by comprehensive product literature explaining the product, its capabilities, and how to best implement dashboards and Web reports in applications. There is also a rich knowledge base, a forum with more than 10,000 community members, an active blog that discusses best practices and usability guides, and an unmatched support team.

AJAX-enabled. FusionCharts provide an extensive JavaScript API that integrates with AJAX applications and JavaScript frameworks.

Specialized Charts, Maps and Gauges. Many libraries do not include specialized chart types. In addition to providing a rich selection of 2D and 3D chart types found in the general suite, FusionCharts v3 also includes PowerCharts v3, FusionWidgets v3 and FusionMaps v3 for specialized charts, gauges and maps.

PowerCharts is a set of interactive charts for specialized domains. It includes drag charts for network and process flow; a heat map that displays complex data in a table with color images; a multi-axis line chart with unlimited axes; a candlestick chart for stock data and commodity prices; waterfall charts for analyzing value; and a radar chart that compares multiple entities on various parameters.

Fusion Widgets is an assortment of data visualization widgets for dashboards. It includes KPI gauges; interactive Gantt charts with date/time support; interactive funnel/pyramid charts; real-time data streaming charts; data intensive, design-simple spark charts; and bullet charts that compare target and achieved values.

FusionMaps is a collection of more than 500 vector maps that can be used to show data related to geographical divisions such as the world, countries, states, providences and territories. The maps can be used to plot statistical data, financial data, electoral votes and more.

Maps and Charts Improve ClickTale’s Customer Experience Reporting
Customer experience analytics service provider ClickTale uses the FusionMaps and the XY graphs in FusionCharts to build meaningful reports for customers tracking and optimizing website usability and conversion rates. After searching for charting components on the Web for several weeks, ClickTale ultimately chose FusionCharts because it works easily with client- and server-side code. In addition, the licensing plan is flexible and FusionCharts provides an option for future scalability.

“Web applications are capturing more data than ever, be it site analytics, sales data, marketing or finance data,” said Nadhani. “Unless the data is correctly crunched and visualized, it is very hard to make sense out of it. FusionCharts provides world-class visualization in a comprehensive manner. Irrespective of the type of data the user might have, FusionCharts is able to visualize the data in the most effective form. Plus, the interactive features allow for better interpretation of data.”

For more information about FusionCharts and its products, visit www.fusioncharts.com.