Blueprint Software announced its new Business Transformation Platform which is designed to be a command center for company-wide process improvement initiatives.

The platform delivers process intelligence that enables enterprise organizations to analyze and assess process value, identify hidden inefficiencies, and execute on data-driven improvement strategies with speed and precision. 

“Blueprint’s initial use case in the automation space focused heavily on simplifying and supporting RPA design processes for large organizations. Through our work, however, we found that organizations which were focusing on process automation were encountering upstream problems that Blueprint was uniquely suited to fill,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO of Blueprint. “For process automation initiatives to be successful, organizations need to start with process improvement, a discovery that ultimately helped drive development of our Transformation Platform.”

Key features include the process hub, which offers people in an organization a meeting point to  identify and design process improvement initiatives. The platform also includes process data ingestion to enable users to capture current-state process workflows that can help drive automation, and automation export, which automatically generates automation scripts for any major RPA platform. 

Other features include task capture, processing modeling and simulation, workflow accelerators, and integrations.