Cloudera announced the launch of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, an all-in-one data lakehouse software for analytics and exploratory data science. 

The service has built-in enterprise security and machine learning that requires no security or monitoring operations staff, helping companies move to cloud computing for analytics and data. 

“Empowering everyone in your business to get the real-time insights they need to make the right decisions requires building a truly modern data architecture in the cloud,” said Ram Venkatesh, chief technology officer at Cloudera. “Many businesses don’t have the resources, time or expertise to make this transformation happen. Cloudera’s latest cloud innovation, CDP One, joins our family of CDP cloud data services to completely alter the equation, shaving months or even years from implementation timelines and providing comprehensive data security.”

One company that utilized CDP One, business travel management company CWT, said it didn’t have the expertise to build a lakehouse to enable more users to run analytics on their complex and sensitive data. CDP One was then able to accept data in two days and some use cases went into production within four weeks, according to Cloudera. 

CDP One provides Zero Ops functionality that enables easy self-service analytics on any type of data and reduces TCO by 20% to 35% when including initial set up and operations of platform ops, sec ops and support, versus DIY cloud solutions, according to the Cloudera in a post. 

The platform is part of Cloudera’s partnership with Talend to help make companies data-driven. 

“With the combination of Talend’s easy-to-use data management technologies with Cloudera’s powerful data and analytics service, we’re making it easier for our joint customers to use healthy data to drive business outcomes and accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said Rolf Heimes, VP Global Channel & Alliances at Talend. 

CDP One is now available to customers that sign up and will be widely available later this year, according to the company.