The $1.6 billion company MongoDB has confidentially filed to go public, according to reports today. MongoDB is a database startup company, and going public will set up competition with Oracle, MongoDB’s biggest target.

Earlier in the year, MongoDB’s CEO Dev Ittycheria told Crain’s New York that Oracle is “incredibly vulnerable because they’ve lost the developer’s heart and soul,” said Ittycheria. According to the reports, a change in SEC regulations allowed the company to confidentially file to go public, which previously was only available to companies at a certain size. If MongoDB does go public, the report states it will be the seventh “unicorn” startup to do so in 2017.

New release of Docker Enterprise Edition
Docker announced the latest release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), which enables organizations to modernize traditional applications and microservices built on Windows, Linux or the mainframe. With this new edition, companies can also manage all of these microservices and applications in the same cluster.

The new release lets organizations customize role-based access and define physical and logical boundaries for different users and teams sharing the same Docker EE environment, according to Docker. Additional features include automated image promotion and immutable repositories, which prevents image tags from being overridden when they go to production.

Uber takes wrong turn with security promises
The FTC announced a settlement addressing charges that Uber falsely claimed to monitor internal access to consumers’ personal information. The FTC also says Uber failed to live up to its promise to provide adequate security for its consumer’s data.

According to FTC acting chairwoman Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Uber has failed its customers in two ways. First it misrepresented the extent in how it monitored its employees’ access to personal information about users and drivers. Secondly, it misrepresented that it took reasonable steps to secure that data, she said. Uber has agreed to implement a privacy program and obtain regular, independent audits to settle the FTC charges.

The entire agreement between Uber and the Commission can be found here.

Mobile app development for Microsoft .NET Core developers
Realm expanded its mobile platform with support for .NET Core, Microsoft’s server-side platform for creating web applications and services. Now C# developers can build reactive mobile apps that use Realm Mobile Platform on both the client and server side.

With new support, developers can now integrate Realm on the server backend using C# as their primary programming language. Developers can also build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 using Realm’s Xamarin support, while still using .NET Core on the server.