It is becoming increasingly obvious that businesses have too much data to handle, according to Zebra Technologies. Gartner recently forecasted that enterprise spending on public cloud services are on the rise, and businesses need new ways to gain actionable insights for their vast troves of data. Zebra Technologies hopes to tackle that demand with the announcement of its new cloud-based data intelligence platform Savanna Data Services.

Savanna Data Services is designed to assist software developers, ISVs and business innovators in building applications that will unlock the full potential of data extracted from hardware, the company explained. 

“Our new developer experience allows users to exclusively leverage intelligent edge device data along with third-party data services via APIs through the Savanna platform to completely transform workflows, identify supply chain bottlenecks and produce outstanding business outcomes,” said Drew Ehlers, global director of portfolio marketing, enterprise software, and office of the CTO for Zebra Technologies.

The key highlights of the release include:

  • Savanna Data Services integration into Zebra’s intelligent edge platform
  • The ability to deliver raw data, analytics and event triggers through APIs to simplify application development and lower costs.
  • ISVs, software developers and business across the retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics and manufacturing sectors will have access to APIs available through the Zebra Developer Portal.

Zebra Technologies also said it plans to acquire analytics company Profitect to leverage Profitect’s access to operational data, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics to expand its software capabilities.