PORTLAND, OR  – Orchestrate (Orchestrate.io), the all-in-one database service, today announced that it has launched Orchestrate Enterprise, a complete database portfolio for rapid, massively scalable enterprise application development. Orchestrate Enterprise exposes the features of multiple databases, including Elasticsearch, Hbase and MySQL, in a single footprint. It delivers a high performance, fault tolerant, multi-model data layer for enterprise developers and IT on the public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and CenturyLink, and on private cloud environments.

Enterprise IT departments are increasingly turning to APIs and the Cloud for agile development, and to tackle new requirements for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and Big Data. Orchestrate delivers a portfolio of NoSQL databases that meets the needs of most enterprise application use cases. By consolidating databases in a single service, Orchestrate increases time to production tenfold, along with drastic savings in cost, time and operational support. Orchestrate is suitable to run in conjunction with existing databases, eliminating the need to add more databases to current architecture.

Orchestrate Enterprise features include:

  • Multiple Data Models: Lucene search, time-series events, geospatial, and graph queries

  • JSON Document DB: Store and retrieve JSON objects in key/value collections

  • Public or Private Cloud: Private cloud deployments and dedicated clusters on any cloud

  • Seamless Scalability: Scale from prototype to production with the same code, from prototype to 10s of thousands of requests per second

  • Resilience and High Availability: Data is replicated three times across secure, distributed HBase storage engines, and data is backed up daily or on demand

  • Bulk Loading: Load large, multi-gigabyte datasets into Orchestrate fast

  • Simple Integration: Eliminate the complexity of combining multiple data models in production, and integrate easily with existing infrastructure

  • Support: Outsource database operations to a team of proven DBMS operations experts

  • SLAs & Warranty: Orchestrate offers a 99.95% SLA for all paid accounts, along with warranties and indemnification for Enterprise and Dedicated accounts


“We began using Orchestrate for R&D and prototyping since we could be up and running almost immediately, as opposed to alternative databases that would have taken us weeks to set up,” said Mat Ellis, CEO of cloud-cost management platform, Cloudability. “It didn’t take long for us to realize the huge potential of Orchestrate for other production applications. We’re actively moving other projects for other databases to Orchestrate, and couldn’t be happier with its performance, usability and cost.”

“The launch of Orchestrate Enterprise illustrates the enterprise demand for multiple data models delivered a single service,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “It also supports our perspective that managed services is delivery model that will appeal to traditional enterprises as private cloud provides a transition path towards hybrid and public cloud.

“Our goal at Orchestrate is to empower developers to do more, faster, and to transform enterprise IT with a database portfolio that’s dead simple to use, but outperforms competing databases on scalability, usability and time-to-production,” said Antony Falco, CEO of Orchestrate. “We’ve seen a boom of interest from enterprise organizations that want to get the most of NoSQL, but have struggled with staffing, managing, and combining them in production. We’re confident that Orchestrate Enterprise is the answer to their problems.”

Orchestrate has attracted businesses a variety of verticals, with the most common being eCommerce, Internet of Things, SaaS, digital and creative agencies, social networks, and mobile applications. Current Orchestrate customers include Rovio, Cloudability, Evident.io, and Cargo.ai.