With a few bug fixes and improvements, Facebook’s release of React 15.6 paves the way for the final release of React 16.0. React 15.6 cleans up a few issues, improves inputs, and includes a couple of new warnings for upcoming deprecations.

According to a blog by software engineer at Facebook, Flarnie Marchan, React 15.6 makes the onChange event for inputs more reliable and able to handle more edge cases, including: not firing when radio button is clicked but not changed; changing an input of type range with the arrow keys; auto-fill in IE11; and several other issues.

The Facebook React team also included new warnings for upcoming deprecations, which shouldn’t affect most users. After the last release, the React community found that deprecation warnings were causing noise and failing tests, so in this release deprecation warnings have been downgraded to use console.warn instead of console.error.

Unlike our other warnings, deprecation warnings can be fixed over time and won’t cause problems in your app if shipped,” Marchan wrote. “We believe that downgrading the urgency of deprecation warnings will make your next update easier.”

For installing React, Facebook recommends using Yarn or npm for managing front-end dependencies. Facebook also recommends using a bundler like webpack or Browserify so developers can write modular code and bundle it into small packages to optimize load time, according to Marchan.