Halloween is almost here, and that means dressing up and going out to celebrate. Don’t be a party pooper and forgo your costume. Following in our annual tradition of costumes for the lazy developer, we present you with a number of ideas for costumes ranging from simple, nerdy, hilarious to spooky.

Cloud computing


Are you a cloud developer? Wear your office title proud and be a cloud for Halloween! Doesn’t take much, just buy a bunch of cotton balls or pillow stuffing and glue them to a white shirt. If you really want to be fancy, you can put all your features on there too. Are you scalable? Agile? Accessible?

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is big these days, and if you go down the Arnold Schwarzenegger route, it can be a pretty easy costume. You will need a pair of black glasses (with a red dot on one of the lenses), a weapon, cutout gloves, a leather jacket, and a bare chest (if you are into that sort of thing).


This one depends on how creative you want to get. Get a couple of boxes, paint one of them silver, make arm holes (this one should be large enough to fit around your body), then get another one and cut a hole in it so you can see (this one should be small enough to fit around your head.) That is a simple robot costume; if you want to have more fun with it, add buttons and whatever features your heart (robotic or biological) desires.

Java developer

There is a joke among Java developers that goes:

“Why do Java developers wear glasses?”

“Because they can’t C#”

For the costume, wear gigantic glasses.