The CD Foundation has announced CDEvents, a vendor-neutral specification for defining the format of event data. 

A standardized set of specifications will enable an ecosystem of tools that can collect, store, visualize and analyze events across CD platforms to help measure DevOps metrics and performance and visualize end-to-end workflows.

“CDEvents open the doors to scalable and decoupled integrations within the software supply chain and create the potential for greater visibility and measurability of continuous delivery workflows,” said Andrea Frittoli, open source developer advocate at IBM, co-creator of the CDEvents project, and member of the CDF Technical Oversight Committee.

Currently, developers must constantly re-learn how to consume events, limiting the potential for libraries, tooling, and infrastructure to aid the delivery of event data across environments.

“The Continuous Delivery Foundation is actively improving the developer experience. CDEvents increases interoperability between CI/CD tools and enables greater automation and observability within CI/CD systems. The CDEvents specification has broad applicability and is a great example of how the Continuous Delivery Foundation aims to help practitioners of CI/CD, regardless of industry or company,” said Kara de la Marck, senior ecosystem advocate for the CD Foundation.

Additional details on the CDEvents project is available here