Network service provider Dialogic today released Dialogic PowerMedia Host Media Processing Software (HMP) 5.0, digital libraries in C that help developers create cloud-based HD video and voice solutions in Linux and Windows.

Girish Khavasi, product line manager for HMP 5.0, said the product will help developers create interactive voice response systems and, ultimately, interactive voice and video response systems. These systems can be used to offer tech support, status information, and enterprise conferencing applications.

Khavasi said Dialogic will provide the libraries while its clients provide toolkits on top of the libraries to make them compatible with more complex languages. The solution allows for distributed architecture and is scalable. Companies can place the libraries on private or public cloud servers, and can then designate specific calls, such as “start a conference,” in order to utilize the APIs in their applications.

The new upgrade also offers support for Dialogic Global Call API and Dialogic Remote R4 API, which help developers bring multimedia capabilities to their Windows applications. Prior to HMP 5.0, these capabilities were only available in the applications created with the Linux-based PowerMedia HMP. These libraries can also be used to create multimedia mobile applications, such as those used for voice over IP conferencing and video conferencing.