AvePoint, the world’s largest provider of infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, today announced the latest release of its flagship solution – DocAve Software Platform v5.6 – provides enhanced support and flexibility for SharePoint Server 2010-specific features, including Managed Metadata, as well as Windows PowerShell and the Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) API. The latest DocAve release also offers complete data awareness across its entire suite, consisting of more than 25 independently deployable modules piloted via a unified, browser-based interface, as well as a DocAve Command Line Interface (CLI) accessible via PowerShell for greater control of DocAve and SharePoint platforms.

“SharePoint Server 2010 is already transforming the way organizations operate their businesses”, said George Petrou, AvePoint’s Vice President of Product Management. “We’ve worked hand-in-hand with our customers already deploying Microsoft’s latest platform release, and we quickly recognized that they desired greater flexibility to take advantage of the platform for their unique business needs. With our enhanced support for Managed Metadata, the DocAve CLI, and full data awareness across our products, we’re confident that DocAve now enables organizations to reap SharePoint’s full benefits.”

Enhanced Support for SharePoint Server 2010 Managed Metadata
SharePoint Server 2010 added numerous new and enhanced features in order to better serve organizations wishing to use the platform for connecting its knowledge workers, business processes, and information. One of the most-heralded features, managed metadata via the Managed Metadata Service, opens the door to true enterprise-level taxonomy, with support for creating taxonomy structure – including hierarchy, product categories, and worldwide locations – and publishing it to SharePoint. All page content can also be tagged and browsed with this managed metadata. Organizations wishing to migrate content from  various legacy platforms, including eRoom, Lotus Notes, and File Shares, to SharePoint Server 2010, transforming existing metadata into Managed Metadata, can do so with DocAve Migrator for SharePoint, ensuring total compliance with pre-established taxonomy and governance policies on the new platform.

Complete Data Awareness for Externalized Content
As part of many organizations’ hierarchal storage management (HSM) strategies, they have taken advantage of Microsoft’s External BLOB Storage (EBS) API or Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) API for externalizing unstructured data from SQL Server content databases to cloud- or file-based storage in order to optimize the platform’s performance. What many administrators do not consider, however, is the affect this BLOB externalization has on existing data protection, administration, and replication strategies set in place for their SharePoint environment. If proper care is not given to externalized content, these management strategies could become compromised, potentially resulting in negative consequences for organizational IT Governance policies.

DocAve has always provided awareness for content externalized by its DocAve Archiver, Extender, and Connector products with its data protection, replication, content and deployment management solutions. DocAve Migrator now offers complete awareness for externalized content when organizations wish to migrate from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010, offering far greater migration functionality. Organizations have options to migrate the content links directly to SharePoint Server 2010, migrate the original content, or decide not to move the externalized data – all from DocAve’s graphical user interface. DocAve now also enables administrators utilizing SharePoint Server 2010 to migrate from EBS to RBS, allowing for greater granularity for routing BLOBs to tiered storage.

Greater Flexibility for Managing Enterprise Software Investments
DocAve v5.6 introduces two new features to allow SharePoint developers, administrators, and system integrators greater flexibility for not only managing SharePoint Server 2010, but also enterprise-wide content located on legacy file shares:
    •    The DocAve Connector Software Development Kit (SDK) augments DocAve Connector for SharePoint, which presents and manages legacy file-share content through SharePoint without need for migration. The DocAve Connector SDK enables developers to create custom applications for streaming documents, audio files, and video clips in bulk to selected SharePoint locations. Offering maximum flexibility, it can be part of an automated SharePoint site deployment or through provisioning.
    •    The DocAve Command Line Interface (CLI) gives administrators the ability to write custom programs and scripts that can integrate with DocAve and take advantage of its functionality without directly accessing its graphical user interface. With full support for PowerShell, organizations have greater flexibility and power to manage their SharePoint deployment.

The DocAve Software Platform v5.6 supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010 deployments. For more information on the entire set of enhancements available in DocAve v5.6, please visit http://www.avepoint.com/support/product-updates/. For a request a free, fully enabled 30-day trial of the DocAve Software Platform, visit http://www.avepoint.com/resources/free-trial-downloads.

To speak with an AvePoint sales professional, please call (201) 793-1111 or email Sales@AvePoint.com.