Reflecting a wider workplace trend, more software engineers are replacing their traditional desks with standing desks, walking desks or adjustable desks in hopes of becoming healthier—or at least more comfortable throughout the day. It turns out they are also becoming more productive.

Take Fullpower Technologies CEO and serial entrepreneur Philippe Kahn. While other CEOs prefer the comfort of leather executive chairs and cherrywood desks, Kahn prefers keeping his body and his mind in motion using a walking desk that features a built-in treadmill.

He has always integrated some sort of exercise into his workday (jogging, biking or sailing) to improve his health and professional effectiveness. Apparently his approach gave him an edge, if founding four successful companies, inventing the camera phone, or coming up with medical technology serve as any indications. About 18 months ago, he added a walking desk to his routine so he could work and exercise at the same time. There are now 10 such desks at Fullpower.

“I find that being more active always makes me more creative,” said Kahn. “Sitting in a rolling chair, eating Doritos and gulping Red Bull all day doesn’t make me more creative even if at first I think that it does.”

While other software team leaders agree that a vertical physical orientation yields health and productivity benefits, most are stationary while they code or design software, not walking. First, walking desks are considerably more expensive than standing desks (a couple of thousand dollars versus a few hundred dollars or less). Second, walking desks require more space because the desk is perpendicular to the treadmill. Finally, the idea of walking and coding simultaneously represents more stimuli than the average developer’s brain wants to handle. Even developers who stand while they code say walking would be too distracting.

Kahn, who still codes, disagrees. “I regularly walk 20,000+ steps without even noticing,” he said. “It’s really a natural thing to do.”

The options
Standing desks, walking desks and adjustable desks are commercially available, although some teams are cobbling them together using whatever components are available in the office. Kahn’s team builds their own walking desks or buys them from TreadDesk.

“We all spend too much time sitting,” Kahn said. “[The walking desk] is a way to make a lifestyle change and become more productive. Suddenly we can be in motion without leaving our desks.”