Google is looking to make it easier to prove you aren’t a robot. The company has announced a new API called No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is meant to make the reCAPTCHA process easier by allowing users to securely verify they are not a robot without having to perform a CAPTCHA. Users can confirm they are human with a single click.

Google notes that CAPTCHAs will still be used when the risk analysis engine can’t decipher whether or not the user is human or an abusive agent.

In addition, the company announced it is making a select number of its developer resources available for download while offline. The move is part of a pilot to give those with limited Internet access the ability to search through Google’s library of developer content. More information is available here.

Dropbox for Business API
Dropbox has announced a new Dropbox for Business API to help businesses integrate the secure file-sharing and storage solution into their IT processes.

“The API builds on the power of the Dropbox Platform by giving developers access to the team-level functionality of Dropbox for Business, empowering admins to deploy and manage business-critical applications for their team,” Ilya Fushman, head of product, business and mobile at Dropbox, wrote on the company’s blog.

The API features:
• Security information and event management and analytics
• Data loss prevention
• Digital rights management
• Identity management and single sign-on
• Data migration and on-premises backup
• Custom workflows enhanced by Dropbox

More information is available here.

Applause announces mobile beta management offering
Applause wants to remove the obstacles blocking beta participants from sharing ideas and feedback, so it has announced Mobile Beta Management, a solution that aims to make it easier for beta users to participate and beta managers to manage.

“In today’s apps economy, companies need to gather user feedback before they launch,” said Roy Solomon, cofounder and vice president of product management at Applause. “These app publishers need to be sure their apps satisfy user needs. For beta programs, that means high engagement rates and comprehensive feedback that help determine whether an app is ready for launch. With Applause Mobile Beta Management, we’ve made that level of confidence accessible to everyone.”

Features include over-the-air distribution, in-app feedback and bug reporting, automated session and crash reporting, and no-limit beta programs.

jKool launches SaaS solution for Big Data
jKool is launching a new Software-as-a-Service solution for analyzing Big Data in real time. The query language and visualization tool jKool is intended to discover patterns in data that lead to actionable results.

“To date, business analytics has been reserved for the largest companies with the biggest budgets and a plethora of experts,” said Charley Rich, vice president of product management at jKool. “jKool offers Big Data analytics for the rest of us—businesses of all sizes and across industries. We’re inviting everyone to try the service, use its sample data, download the open-source API, and understand how they can really use their data, not simply save it.”

More information is available here.