BlackBerry Experience Forum –, the platform-independent social software company, will showcase its new enterprise-class Office 365 app today at the BlackBerry Experience Forum in New York. The new product, Connect – BlackBerry 10 Edition, will provide full-featured SharePoint and Office Web Apps functionality including secure connectivity and offline document access, for customers with BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

“Employees are bringing their own devices to the office, while line of business decision makers are asking for new types of mobile applications”

With Connect – BlackBerry 10 Edition, BlackBerry customers will be able to access Office 365 as easily as they do today from their desktop, delivering SharePoint and Office Web Apps uniformly on desktop and mobile devices. This will enable workers to improve collaboration in the context of their work processes in a familiar social interface. Connect – BlackBerry Edition puts essential team resources and document management tools in the hands of mobile professionals. Key features include:
• Cloud support with access to Office 365 documents and applications including Office 2013 Web Apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Full SharePoint metadata support – allows business users to accurately classify documents and email messages. This is a fundamental capability needed to realize a practical records management or knowledge management initiative from BlackBerry 10 smartphones.
• BlackBerry 10 calendar and contacts integration – keeps the SharePoint calendar and personal calendar in sync.
• BlackBerry 10 File Manager integration – enables secure offline document support.
• BlackBerry 10 Search integration – enables universal search to search SharePoint directly from BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

“Employees are bringing their own devices to the office, while line of business decision makers are asking for new types of mobile applications,” said Michele Pelino, principal analyst at Forrester Research. “Employees need a unified end-user experience across desktops and mobile devices so they have the flexibility to work effectively from various locations.”

“We are thrilled to be working with BlackBerry and showcasing our Office 365 app for BlackBerry 10 customers at the BlackBerry Experience Forum,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO of “Enterprise users today need the same experience from their productivity applications wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. Organizations must strike a balance between offering choices to their employees about what platforms and devices they can use and making sure these technologies are secure. now makes SharePoint and Office 2013 Web Apps accessible to business users with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and turns SharePoint into a user-friendly social business solution for collaboration, projects and records management.”

“SharePoint is the most requested business application after email, and to be enterprise-ready, it must be secure,” said Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances & Business Development at BlackBerry. “With providing access to SharePoint on top of BlackBerry’s secure mobile infrastructure, business customers can get an enterprise-class solution. This is another example of BlackBerry supporting the evolution of mobile communications to mobile computing.”