One of a site administrator’s biggest challenges is who has access to what and who can see what is in SharePoint. They waste time and energy trying to balance how to maintain inheritance, while avoiding the continual proliferation of new sites in order to manage security and permissions. Even if security is well-configured, users can move or copy content to unsecure, unmanaged platforms like email and desktops, circumventing those controls.  HiSoftware Inc., a leading provider of compliance and security solutions, today announced the release of HiSoftware Site Sheriff, a new solution that leverages dynamic access, deny rules and a zero-footprint secure viewer to allow a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios and keep confidential information in SharePoint.
“Enterprise admins face a broadening array of demands on their time.  Site Sheriff offers a clean, easily deployed and powerful solution to the most common problems faced in SharePoint enterprise content management and governance,” said Chris McNulty, HiSoftware’s CTO.
Solutions for site owners to regain control over SharePoint sites and increase ROI
HiSoftware Site Sheriff controls access to SharePoint content by allowing a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios to empower focused audiences to collaborate without changing item permissions and adding complexity. It uses business logic – document metadata, user properties and more – to create powerful rules that allow or deny access to selected content, sites and Web applications. Using Site Sheriff, site administrators can adjust the user interface to trim ribbons and menus and remove selected options like desktop copying, email and offline sync. It helps assure that SharePoint documents stay in SharePoint with an agentless secure document viewer. Site Sheriff provides fine grained security using metadata-driven permission rules to help organizations and administrators gain control over SharePoint sites and increase ROI.
Key features and capabilities:
· Dynamic access and claims-driven permissions management – Administrators can dynamically control access to sensitive content by using a combination of user attributes and item metadata to restrict what items or documents users can view, eliminating the need to segregate sensitive data. SharePoint does not provide an out-of-the-box solution to dynamically block access to sites, libraries and documents, but Site Sheriff makes this simple. For example, files can remain in a public site, however only users from approved departments, on approved devices and with the proper security clearance in their user claim will be able to see a confidential file without changing item permissions.
· Secure, zero footprint document reader –  Site Sheriff offers a browser-based secure reader for internal and external users to view content, including Microsoft Office and Visio documents, PDFs and images, without client software. Users can securely view sensitive content, stamped with security watermarks, on any device with a SharePoint-supported Web browser. Prevent printing, saving, copying and emailing automatically based on the document’s classification to enforce governance.
· Keep mission critical documents in SharePoint – Site Sheriff protects sensitive content by allowing only authorized users to view, share and distribute content. SharePoint ribbon commands and user interface elements can be disabled to control and restrict distribution actions based on the document’s classification and the user properties. Site Sheriff also helps with version control and document duplication with controls such as restricting actions so that only links are emailed to ensure users come back to SharePoint for the latest version.
“Companies are still struggling with how to best leverage SharePoint for confidential information while still maximizing the collaboration benefits. The key is to ensure that only the right users can access the right content,” said HiSoftware CEO Kurt A. Mueffelmann. “Site Sheriff provides a simple, yet sophisticated answer to this problem by leveraging dynamic access to manage complex sharing scenarios that aren’t available out-of-the-box. It provides deny rules to ensure confidential information stays that way.”

A Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, HiSoftware provides content-aware solutions for managing SharePoint security and privacy, Web accessibility, brand integrity and quality, to hundreds of public sector organizations including federal agencies, colleges and universities, in addition to leading global corporations. HiSoftware Site Sheriff is now available and more information can be found at: