As the need for code to be deployed faster grows every year, code scanning has become a great part of the developer role. As such, Dev teams need a simple-to-integrate security tool that allows them to secure code quickly and accurately without disrupting their workflow.

That is why Contrast is proud to introduce its new free developer security tool: CodeSec by Contrast, that brings the fastest and most accurate scanner in the market right to developers at no cost. Providing actionable remediation guidance, CodeSec enables developers to start securing code in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

In this webinar, we covered how CodeSec by Contrast is able to help developers secure code by showcasing:

  • An introduction to CodeSec by Contrast Security
  • The benefits of CodeSec
  • Demonstrate how Developers can get started
  • Showcase how Devs can scan both files & serverless environments for free



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