The Linux Foundation today released a number of infographics formed from data gathered from job postings on The results of this short survey showed that Linux developers are in higher demand than systems administrators, and that the United States dominates in demand for both developers and administrators.

Within the U.S., the demand for Linux workers comes primarily, and not surprisingly, from large cities. This means that states like California, Texas, Georgia and Illinois hold the most jobs on offer.

Other results shown in the infographics indicated that Java remains the most commonly requested language for developers. Surprisingly, Android was the second most popular skill asked for from Linux workers.

Coming in third for in-demand Linux skills was C++, followed by J2EE and MySQL. Overall, 53% of the jobs listed on were for developers, and 47% were for administrators. Of those jobs, 70% were in the United States, with Australia and Germany accounting for just over 10% each.

The numbers around location and job type seem to match those found on other job posting boards. shows that overall demand for developers is at about 4% of total jobs posted on that site. In contrast, systems administrator jobs listed there seemed to hover around 1.7% of overall postings, with little fluctuation. Demand for developers, however, is continually climbing.