A new “plug-and-play” scanning solution for Microsoft SharePoint based on the KODAK Scan Station 520EX Platform is now available. The solution, called BOLT Direct, features onboard SharePoint integration that simplifies how users scan, name, route and index documents from a single networked device.

“BOLT Direct is an example of how scanner technology from Kodak continues to provide application partners with a platform for developing solutions that help businesses simplify the user experience by making it easier to capture, manage and retrieve documents within SharePoint,” said Rod Hughes, General Manager, Software and Solutions for Kodak’s Document Imaging business. “In addition to the Scan Station 520EX, Kodak is developing an array of solutions that help partners and businesses take full advantage of SharePoint for document management and workflow processes.”

Business professionals can use BOLT Direct’s network scanning to capture documents directly to SharePoint in real time, which makes it easier to collect, manage, and share content across business workflows. System administrators can attach the turnkey solution to their network and go from box to scanning in just minutes.

“Designing BOLT Direct on the KODAK Scan Station 520EX platform has allowed us to focus on providing businesses with easy-to-deploy “intelligent” scanning to SharePoint. The solution combines robust capture features and superior image quality in a network scanning device small enough to be deployed just about anywhere,” said Jeff Nelson, Vice President of Bolt Document Management. “Our application blends seamlessly with Kodak’s functional, easy-to-use LCD display and keyboard interface and streamlines the document capture and storage process.”

The Scan Station features an integrated LCD touchscreen that displays the BOLT Direct interface, allowing users to log into SharePoint and access document libraries. Once a library is selected, the associated index fields are displayed and users can name documents and enter relevant information for enhanced content management. Advanced SharePoint features such as field types and drop-down pick lists are supported, and users can create new folders directly in SharePoint on the fly.

In addition to integrating with SharePoint, BOLT Direct also integrates directly to LASERFICHE Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. An additional suite of scanning utilities is also bundled within the unit to provide a complete office document solution. The utilities allow users to scan to print, e-mail, fax or PDF. Scanned documents have the added benefit of full-page optical character recognition (OCR) on each capture, which enables users to save documents as searchable PDF files. The comprehensive functionality and advanced imaging features enable users to convert paper documents into digital files for easy distribution, sharing and collaboration.
As a networked device, the Scan Station 520EX enables multiple users to share access to a solution capable of scanning documents to email recipients, network locations and other file destinations. Kodak’s Perfect Page Technology delivers automatic image enhancements that improve accuracy and quality to deliver more efficient results. At up to 45 pages per minute, the device’s robust handling captures documents in color or black-and-white and supports outstanding productivity with a recommended daily duty volume rating of up to 3,000 pages per day.

The BOLT Direct solution includes Kodak’s optional premium keyboard and a full one-year advanced unit replacement program. An optional three-year advanced unit replacement warranty is also available for purchase. The warranty program from KODAK Service and Support eliminates the need for complicated and expensive warranty service programs frequently associated with other network attached scanning solutions.

For more information on the newest BOLT Direct Solution, please visit www.boltdirect.com.