Workshare announced improvements to the latest release of Workshare Point giving users faster access to SharePoint documents from Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Workshare Point is now 24% faster when searching a SharePoint document library, even when it contains thousands of documents. The time it takes to open a document located on SharePoint has also been reduced by up to 45%.  Saving documents directly into SharePoint is also much faster with up to 35% in performance improvements.

“Although Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook are powerful solutions, users sometimes have trouble quickly locating the documents and emails they need. Workshare Point solves this problem for us by reducing the time we spend searching for and accessing information and allows them to use their time more efficiently,” said Robert J. Waldsmith at ASW. “Because our work takes us all over the U.S., Canada and Europe, this technology makes it easy to take our office with us. In the long run, our investment in Workshare Point will save the organization both time and money.”

Given the overwhelming desire of most employees to work within the familiar structure of Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications, SharePoint adoption has been slow and difficult.  Because Workshare Point integrates SharePoint and Office, users can easily:
• Drag and drop email attachments into SharePoint
• Preview email messages stored in SharePoint from within Outlook
• File emails on Send with one click
• Select multiple emails to file or delete
• Track and manage incoming email more efficiently with suggestive filing

In addition to SharePoint 2010, Workshare Point also works with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and supports users that want to connect to a SharePoint Online as part of Microsoft?s cloud-based Office 365 offering.  Using Workshare Point to access SharePoint Online is especially well suited for smaller organizations or departments seeking secure cloud-based collaboration from their familiar work environment.