Software teams spend an inordinate amount of time customizing out-of-the-box document imaging components. To save time and enable higher-quality image capture and processing, developers choose Atalasoft.

“We provide serious document imaging capabilities. Our Document Imaging SDKs are built by developers for developers,” said Kevin Hulse, an associate solutions enablement specialist at Atalasoft, a Kofax Company (which was recently acquired by Lexmark).

Atalasoft made the 2015 SD Times 100 for its contributions to the APIs, Libraries and Frameworks category. In the last year, the company continued to enhance its DotImage and JoltImage document imaging products. It also launched MobileImage, a document imaging solution for iOS and Android devices.

For more than 12 years, Atalasoft has provided imaging libraries that help software developers build document scanning, viewing and processing into their applications. In addition to reducing development time, Atalasoft is recognized for lowering development costs by providing fixed-price, royalty-free licensing for many of its products. The company specializes in zero-footprint imaging technologies so applications built with its SDKs are competitive, easy to use, and 100% Web-based.

Atalasoft DotImage powers more than 2,000 document, ECM, and EMR applications built by ISVs, systems integrators, and enterprise developers that are used in the healthcare, financial services, legal, government, education, and manufacturing sectors. Its JoltImage product is the Java equivalent of DotImage. The company also offers Wingscan for Web scanning, and DotPDF, which generates PDFs.

Introducing MobileImage
Poor-quality images complicate processing. MobileImage captures and processes perfect document images from mobile devices. Its capture control provides developers with complete control of the device’s flash, focus and image stabilization capabilities, and it allows end users to instruct the device to wait until the image of the document is stable before capturing it. Once captured, the images are cleaned up using Atalasoft’s ImagePerfection process, prepared for OCR downstream, and reduced in size so they can be sent over cellular networks or downloaded in bulk. MobileImage also removes highlighting or image texture on a page to ensure that the printed text is clean and easy to submit to a workflow processing agent.

“The SDK provides controls to integrate with a camera so you can capture a quality image of a document and scan barcodes in real time,” said Hulse. “You can capture the image using your own camera controls or our controls, clean it up, and stream it to a server so work can be done on it.”

The barcode recognition allow barcodes to be read from a live camera feed. It can also read multiple barcodes with a single image.

Even More Robust Document Imaging
Atalasoft 10.6 is the latest version of the DotImage and JoltImage SDKs. DotImage has a set of JavaScript controls with an API to control and interact with multiple documents natively in any HTML5-enabled browser. The 10.6 release adds expanded support for formalized documents, and a new WebDocument viewer customized appearance options. It also supports digital signatures on PDFs.

“The PDF digital signing capabilities support the entire workflow,” said Hulse. “You can create a PDF signed with a certificate, verify that the PDF is signed, and set up the PDF so it can only be edited in ways required to progress through a workflow.”

Using the new OfficeDecoder, developers working with Word and Excel can now work with those files just like any other format Atalasoft supports.

In addition, the WebDocumentViewer control has been updated. It enables custom thumbnail layouts and custom annotations. The thumbnails can be laid out horizontally, vertically, or on any custom-sized grid. With WebDocumentViewer, TIFF, PDF and other image formats can be viewed in browsers.

Using annotations and server functions, documents can be routed and approved by the appropriate parties. DotImage and JoltImage include a set of controls that have annotations built directly into them so users can display a document and use annotations to streamline a workflow. Alternatively, documents can have annotations embedded inside of them to facilitate more effective collaboration. The 10.6 release allows custom annotations to be added to Atalasoft’s collection of annotations using SVG or custom-defined annotations.
DotImage and JoltImage include a set of image encoders and decoders that make image conversion easy. They open PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, RAW and other types images as if they were the same format. And, they remove the complexity of supporting multiple formats since all image formats are treated the same.

DotImage and JoltImage make it easy to rearrange document pages and combine functions with a single function call. They also facilitate the conversion of images into storable formats and enable efficient cleanup. Using the TWAIN scanning capabilities, desktop scans can be configured and started using an API. In addition, barcodes and other behaviors can automatically be divided into individual documents from a bulk scan. Learn more at n

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