Accurate data isn’t enough — it needs to be actionable

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down offices, people have taken to working remotely, and many have even moved from locations where the cost of living is high to places where it’s more manageable. This raises the issue of data quality, not only in terms of the accuracy of data being input into fields in … continue reading

How these tools facilitate value stream management

We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with their value streams. Their responses are below. Laureen Knudsen, chief transformation officer at Broadcom ValueOps from Broadcom is the leading Value Stream Management Platform that allows large organizations to deploy and execute a “true” value stream management strategy. Only … continue reading

Value Stream Management: The practice that finally unites business and IT

Some 86% of respondents to a Broadcom survey on value stream management indicated they are not doing value stream management right now. To that, Lance Knight would say, “Yes, you are. You just don’t know it yet.” Knight, the COO of value stream platform provider ConnectALL, said if a company is already evaluating their processes … continue reading

A guide to value stream management tools

The following is a listing of value stream management tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings.  Broadcom Software: Broadcom’s innovative ValueOps solution delivers on the promise of value stream management (VSM) as the first to combine business and investment-oriented product management, providing advanced operationally focused agile planning and management capabilities. The integration … continue reading

Measuring developer productivity isn’t as simple as it sounds

When developers lie awake at night, they’re likely not thinking that they didn’t turn around enough tickets that day, or write a certain number of lines of code. Their fear is that they’ve broken something, and that they’ll be in trouble. In the meantime, C-level managers are primarily concerned with innovation, creating new products and … continue reading

How CodeLogic helps make developers more productive

Eric Minick, VP, Head of Product at CodeLogic, said: “CodeLogic helps developers surface risky dependencies in their code. We know the feeling when the latest feature changes something that might break something else: What could break? What do we review? Whether a feature requires a change to an attribute in a database column, or you’re … continue reading

Predictions for Java in 2022

The Java landscape moves fast, and with potential changes to OpenJDK release cadence, it’s poised to move even faster. For people like Michael Rasmussen, Head of Development at JRebel by Perforce, staying abreast of these changes, and understanding how they’ll impact development is paramount to creating features that resonate within the Java development community, keeping … continue reading

Plutora takes on progressive release management

Plutora today is releasing updates to its platform with an emphasis on empowering progressive release management, a new practice that relies on analytics to focus on things that are problems. According to Plutora, progressive release management helps organizations scale and de-risk their release processes as they transition from traditional, project-based ways of working to current … continue reading

Online shopping and drugs (not related)

A couple of items crossed my desk this past month — one didn’t surprise me, based on the current state of the world, but one did. First, the expected. Adobe released its Digital Economy Index, with data gleaned from more than a TRILLION visits to U.S. retail sites. Based on that, Adobe expects U.S. holiday … continue reading

Selenium 4: Improved Grid, new features for testers

Selenium is the most widely used software for automating UI testing, and while some maintain it is flaky and not facile at managing dependencies, the project has found its way into many development shops. Last month saw the release of Selenium 4, which Simon Stewart, former lead of the open-source Selenium project, said introduced “a … continue reading

Data Quality: Volume, interdependencies can create big problems

The growing mountains of data generated by organizations is literally staggering, so ensuring that data is of good quality is a huge challenge. As the SD Times Data Quality Project 2021 has revealed, one area in particular that can give companies fits is product information. In the case of the pharmaceutical industry, but likely true … continue reading

The password is … passwordless

Microsoft’s announcement last month that users of Office and other company software can now create passwordless login scenarios was welcome news. I think I speak for the entire computer-using world when I say this is just great. Passwords are the bane of our existence. They really give the worst user experience of all.  I’ve worked … continue reading

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