Common mistakes made by engineering managers that hurt productivity

For years, you’ve been toiling away as a software development individual contributor (IC), and now your great work has been rewarded with a promotion to engineering manager.  Now what? Dylan Etkin has been an engineering manager for a good portion of his career, and now is a co-founder of, a company focused on helping … continue reading

New LaunchDarkly features bring its platform to ‘the next frontier of DevOps’

LaunchDarkly today is releasing updates to its platform to address the reality of the resource-constrained times we are in but in which developers are still expected to move at the same pace or even faster. DevOps has helped with this effort of delivering stable software quickly, keep customers happy and innovate faster than their competitors, … continue reading

Parasoft enhances its Continuous Quality Platform around API testing, virtualization

Parasoft’s Continuous Quality Platform updates in version 2023.2 cover three main themes – a focus on continuous innovation, continuing to strengthen its core components, and addressing customer feedback and loyalty. Under the theme of continuous innovation, Grigori Trofimov, a senior solutions engineer at Parasoft, said the update introduces integrations with generative AI capabilities through LLMs … continue reading

Atlassian announces release of Compass DevX Platform

Atlassian today is announcing the general availability of Compass, the company’s new developer experience platform. With developers getting lost in today’s decentralized, complex world of APIs, libraries, UI elements, frameworks and tools, Compass is designed to guide developers to their true north – delivering exciting new products that align with business goals and satisfy customers. … continue reading

To help developers be more productive, foster joy

What makes developers productive? And how is that measured? This is an issue that’s top of mind in the industry these days. Some believe that lines of code written per day is still a valid metric. Some say you should measure development teams, not individuals.  Others say productivity stems from removing obstacles in the SDLC … continue reading

Atlassian Value Stream Management solution gives dashboard templates for measuring work

Atlassian next month will release an update to its Value Stream management solution that includes dashboard templates in Atlassian Analytics to help organizations measure their work progress against the company’s stated goals. Read the full article here. … continue reading

Jira updates bring software teams, business side together

Atlassian today announced updates to Jira’s capabilities designed to bring software teams and the business side closer together by enabling every team to manage its work, collaborate, and gain visibility into what other teams are doing. Companies using Jira Software include NASA, which can write code on a Monday and deliver it to drive the … continue reading

Buyers Guide: AI and the evolution of test automation

Test automation has undergone quite an evolution in the decades since it first became possible.  Yet despite the obvious benefits, the digitalization of the software development industry has created some new challenges. It comes down to three big things, according to Kevin Parker, vice president of product at Appvance. The first is velocity and how … continue reading

A guide to automated testing tools

The following is a listing of automated testing tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDERS APPVANCE is the leader in generative AI for Software Quality.  Its premier product AIQ is an AI-native, unified software quality platform that delivers unprecedented levels of productivity to accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise.   Leveraging generative … continue reading

How Cox Automotive found value in automated testing

How does a quality organization run? And how does it deliver a quality product for consumers? According to Roya Montazeri, senior director of test and quality at Cox Automotive, no one tool or approach can solve the quality problem. Cox Automotive portfolios, she said, is a specialized software company that addresses the buying, selling, trading … continue reading

Accessibility testing

One area in which test automation can deliver big value to organizations is in accessibility. Accessibility is all about the user experience, and is especially important for users with disabilities. Automated end-to-end testing helps answer the question of how easy or difficult it is for users to engage with the software. “If the software is … continue reading

Training the models for testing

Code coverage and end-to-end testing – sometimes called path testing – are particularly well-suited for automation, but they’re only as good as the training and implementation. Since AI doesn’t have an imagination, it is up to the model and whoever is feeding in that data to cover as many paths as you can in an … continue reading

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