Broadcom’s Value Stream Management Virtual Summit: Learn how VSM delivers visibility, alignment and efficiency

Learn how value stream management (VSM) can provide visibility into your processes, help you align them to meet your goals, and gain efficiencies at Broadcom’s VSM Virtual Summit on April 24. Recent research has shown VSM plays a critical role in ensuring that going fast and delivering more frequently also delivers a product that actually … continue reading

premium The importance of security testing

With more development teams today using open-source and third-party components to build out their applications, the biggest area of concern for security teams has become the API. This is where vulnerabilities are likely to arise, as keeping on top of updating those interfaces has lagged. In a recent survey, the research firm Forrester asked security … continue reading

ArmorCode delivers solution for managing application risks

Application security posture management company ArmorCode today announced Risk Prioritization, a three-dimensional scoring approach to managing application risks. According to the company’s announcement, ArmorCode Risk Prioritization looks at technical severity ratings, unique business context and insight into whether vulnerabilities are being exploited to help organizations determine which risks need immediate action and which do not. … continue reading

Synopsys releases fAST Dynamic test solution

Synopsys today released a new application security testing solution, fAST Dynamic, that helps organizations find and remediate security vulnerabilities in today’s modern web applications. According to the company’s announcement, fAST Dynamic is built upon scanning technology Synopsys acquired from WhiteHat Security, and adds on to fAST Static and fAST SCA, which were built into the … continue reading

Vultr launches cloud Inference-as-a-Service platform to simplify AI deployment

Cloud computing platform Vultr today launched a new serverless Inference-as-a-Service platform with AI model deployment and inference capabilities. Vultr Cloud Inference offers customers scalability, reduced latency and delivers cost efficiencies, according to the company announcement. For the uninitiated, AI inference is a process that uses a trained AI model to make predictions against new data. … continue reading

Octopus Deploy acquires Codefresh, expanding its CI/CD capabilities with GitOps

Continuous deployment automation platform provider Octopus Deploy announced today that it is acquiring Codefresh, which produces a modern CI/CD platform with GitOps and is a maintainer of the Argo open-source delivery project. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition in part is to strengthen Octopus’ support for Kubernetes, according to the company’s announcement.  … continue reading

Perforce acquires test data management platform provider Delphix

This post has been updated since publication with additional commentary on the acquisition. Perforce today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire test data management (TDM) platform provider Delphix, adding those capabilities to its wide range of software development and DevOps solutions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Along with test data … continue reading

Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2023 Volume 4

Syncfusion today released volume 4 of its 2023 Essential Studio with new controls for its .NET MAUI app UI framework, its Blazor component library and its JavaScript offering. “Our teams were focused on enriching our current controls and file-format libraries with a lot of functionality, including multiple improvements on all platforms for one of our … continue reading

AI2 releases OLMo, an open LLM

The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) today released OLMo, an open large language model designed to provide understanding around what goes on inside AI models and to advance the science of language models. “Open foundation models have been critical in driving a burst of innovation and development around generative AI,” said Yann LeCun, chief AI … continue reading

Broadcom survey finds increase in VSM adoption

A new Broadcom report today around value stream management (VSM) shows an increase in adoption and found that – for the second year in a row – customer value is a top priority among reporting organizations. Of the 96% of responding companies that say they’ve undertaken a value stream management initiative, driving long-term customer value … continue reading

The impact of AI use by developers on quality engineering

Generative AI is starting to help software engineers solve problems in their code. The impact of this on quality engineers is already being felt. According to data from Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey, 70% of all respondents are using or are planning to use AI tools in their development process. Further, the study of 90,000 … continue reading

Harness acquires assets from Armory for ‘next-generation’ continuous delivery

Software delivery platform provider Harness has acquired intellectual property and technology from Armory, a CD company, to expand its capabilities in that area for an enhanced developer experience and better productivity. Armory’s CD platform is built on top of the open-source Spinnaker project, a multicloud continuous delivery platform that can accommodate high-velocity deployments. Harness CEO … continue reading

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