Jorge Sanchez, director of product strategy at Appian
In a number of different ways: Easier evolution, faster transformation, and continuous platform innovation.

When you are working to build an application you care about, there are a number of things you have to worry about. First, you want to make sure you have improved agility. Can you actually deliver on the promise of keeping up with change and evolution? Secondly, you want decreased costs.

With low code, developers can quickly become ‘10Xers,’ and business people can actually start implementing applications with services that allow them to do citizen development. So, you can build more with less and of course this means a reduction in cost, not just in IT. The people you use to build, design and use the application also become more productive.

That brings me to the next point, which is higher productivity. Because you can build more with less or do more with the resources you already have, you find out that instead of IT spending more of their time in the upkeep and maintenance of an application, they can spend more of that time in the  innovation and evolution. You also get better customer experience because you can leverage the capabilities that Appian provides in order to give you the latest and greatest look and feel. It is not just boring software we provide. It is a beautiful, reactive application that people are used to. The newer generations are not used to Excel spreadsheets, but rather the experience that they see with applications like Instagram, Facebook and all of these beautiful solutions.

Lastly, we provide effective risk management and governance. When you don’t have to think about all of these issues with each and every single application that you build and you realize that the platform automatically comes coupled with a lot of security, performance and scalability, then you no longer have to worry about ever-changing regulations. Companies spend millions and billions of dollars changing the way their application works just because of new regulations. When you build it on top of a platform that is already compliant, your applications will become compliant. That means that your changes can be done more easily because you don’t have to consider everything.

Ben Saren, CEO of Dropsource
Time-to-market is a critical success factor of digital transformation. Dropsource helps digital leaders and their teams to accomplish in mere days or weeks what traditionally takes months or years. This dramatic increase in speed means more rapid time-to-market, which greatly  expands the range of what can be achieved. These benefits enable companies to deliver on the promise of digital transformation without compromise.

Dropsource appeals to the business needs of digital leaders and meets the requirements of even the most scrutinizing developers. Companies that excel at delivering mobile solutions, and those that don’t, can benefit equally from Dropsource’s solutions.

Geoff Perlman, founder and CEO of Xojo
With each passing year, the world around us becomes increasingly digital. Most of the ways in which we communicate with each other are now digital. This profound transformation is having a greater impact on the world than all of our previous transitions combined. It was not long ago that all computing was done only in specific departments inside large companies and universities. Today you can walk into any shopping mall and find toddlers expertly navigating smartphones to find their favorite photo, video or game. So much of what we do now for both work and in our personal lives involves information technology. The result is that more and more of us want to be able to create apps in order to automate the logic of many of the tasks that waste our personal and professional time so we can focus our energy on those things that can’t be automated. The problem is, app development with traditional tools is still a skill that can take many years to reach proficiency. That’s fine for professional programmers, but it’s not a solution for most people.

Xojo solves this problem by taking care of the complex details of all the important computing platforms to allow the user to focus on what makes their application unique. The result is that Xojo users can quickly learn app development and create solutions in a tenth of the time it would take with traditional tools. Also, since every platform has its own unique set of functions, the effort involved to reach another platform can easily double. Because Xojo abstracts away these details, the user can deploy their app to multiple platforms without much extra effort at all.