The application security company has introduced an enterprise version of its dependency management tool Renovate. Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition offers unlimited server scalability, dedicated support, and other premium features.. 

Renovate helps ensure the security and currency of applications by scanning software to identify external dependencies and automating updates to the latest versions. 

According to, while the free Renovate Community Edition and Renovate CLI work well for smaller development environments, they can cause delays for companies with a large number of repositories. The Renovate Enterprise Edition solves this problem by providing unlimited horizontal scaling of server resources, enabling organizations to process numerous repositories simultaneously and ensuring optimal responsiveness for developers.

“Keeping dependencies up to date is one of the most effective ways to reduce technical debt and avoid software vulnerabilities, especially as most companies rely heavily on external dependencies,” said Rhys Arkins, vice president of product at “Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition offers a commercially supported version of Renovate built with the power to help developers handle enterprise-scale needs.”

Benefits of Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition include automatic dependency updates, highly responsive interactivity, reduced technical debt, better code quality, and more. 

Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition and Mend Renovate Community Edition are both self-hosted container-based applications, providing the ability for companies to retain the control that is needed for those with stringent internal security measures. 

Both editions include a job scheduler and webhooks. The job scheduler provides automation for Renovate, while webhooks trigger Renovate tasks in response to important activities like package file updates or PR merges. 

Mend ensures that Renovate Enterprise includes an up-to-date, stable version of the open-source Renovate CLI, ensuring that new Renovate features are continuously integrated while maintaining reliability.

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