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Curiefense is an open-source application security platform in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a sandbox project. The project was developed and announced earlier this year from the cloud-native application solution provider Reblaze. The goal of the project is to address cloud-native security needs, remove challenges, adopt an open and collaborative platform and use modern best practices. 

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“The range, frequency and severity of cyberattacks is ever evolving, and security is no longer just a CISO/CSO issue; it’s a developer issue,” said Tzury Bar Yochay, CTO and co-founder of Reblaze. “Open source is the new frontier for security companies. To defend the modern enterprise, collaboration is key. We are excited to announce Curiefense and partner with the Envoy, Kubernetes and other cloud native communities to bring enterprise security to developers at scale.”

Features include:

  • Ability to control traffic with precision, accurate anomaly detection and advanced bot management
  • Automated protection with HTTP filtering, automation and granular control
  • An API-first security platform with support for DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, GitOps, and branched environments
  • Ability to run on cloud virtual machines and as an Envoy plugin
  • Real-time traffic data with logs, dashboards and alerts
  • Privacy and performance capabilities 

“Modern cloud native deployments need sophisticated edge networking security and, historically, open solutions have lacked in this space,” said Matt Klein, creator of Envoy Proxy. “Curiefense takes a new open approach to an age old problem and I am very excited to see this  unique solution on the market. The Envoy community looks forward to working with the Curiefense team to iterate and collaborate on this critical initiative.”