Sauce Labs: Sauce Labs provides a cloud-based platform for automated functional and JSUnit testing. Optimized for use in CI and CD environments, and built with an emphasis on security, reliability and scalability, Sauce Labs helps organizations of all sizes eliminate the time and expense of maintaining test infrastructure. Users can run tests written in any language or framework using Selenium or Appium, both widely adopted open-source standards for automating browser and mobile application functionality. Videos, screenshots and HTML logs help pinpoint issues faster, and Sauce Connect allows you to securely test apps behind your firewall.

SOASTA: SOASTA’s cloud-based platform delivers key testing capabilities uniquely suited to the next generation of Web and mobile applications. It provides real-time analytics, visual test creation, cross-cloud grid provisioning, and the ability to start, stop, pause and restart tests. CloudTest allows testers to build, execute and analyze performance tests of any scale inside the dev lab, all the way to live production. TouchTest delivers mobile functional test automation capabilities for multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications. mPulse connects and analyzes 100% of the performance data from every Web and mobile user, and it correlates this data with critical business metrics—all in real time.

TechExcel: TechExcel takes quality to the next level with DevTest. With DevTest, testers get full control over every detail of their testing process, from planning and managing to analyzing. It gives insights into what has already been tested and what still needs to be tested, increases team productivity, and ensures accountability. Features include comprehensive test coverage management, automatic defect submission, built-in reports and analytics, test scheduling and assignment, a Web-based architecture, and automated testing integrations.

Telerik: Test Studio and Mobile Testing are sets of test automation tools that help teams be more efficient in regression testing, improving test coverage and reducing the number of bugs that slip into production. The company offers automation solutions for GUI, load and performance testing for desktop, Web, hybrid and native apps running on any device (Android, iOS or Windows Phone). Tests can be authored in C#, VB.NET or JavaScript.