Data privacy automation company Integral introduced its inaugural open-source project, Robin AI. This tool scrutinizes code modifications and offers recommendations for improvement, thereby bolstering the quality of the code.

Initially, Robin AI was an internal utility designed to provide feedback on code resembling that which a human would give, in order to aid Integral’s developers in crafting resilient and efficient code.

“Because it serves as a trusty partner in enhancing the code development processes, we named the project after Batman’s sidekick Robin,” said John Kuhn, co-founder and CTO at Integral. “It has served us well in boosting product velocity and reducing production bugs for Integral’s engineering team. By open-sourcing the software, we hope that developers worldwide can automate and optimize their code change reviews, increasing quality and productivity.”

Robin AI employs GPT-driven advanced natural language processing abilities to evaluate changes in code. The utility works best with JavaScript repositories, according to Integral. 

With Robin AI automating the code review process, engineering teams can optimize their workflows, concentrating their efforts on the creation of superior software, Integral explained. It is available as a ready-to-deploy GitHub action.

It has been used in a number of private repositories, such as Factored Quality, which have then provided feedback on the tool so Integral could further enhance its abilities.