• Topic 4 of 6 – “What is “Automating Your Value Stream?””

When you zoom in on a value stream, you’ll discover what goes into creating a specific valuable element of a software. By streamlining or optimizing a value stream, you can develop recurring principles that can be used repeatedly for value creation. And this is where automating your value stream comes in. In this session, we will show you how automating your value stream improves the performance of your value stream. Automation would involve introducing feedback loops for the smallest action taken. You can bring in consistency by following certain principles repeatedly, making some activities predictable. You can execute many of these tasks at scale and converge the results into something digestible for the next step.



  • Topic 3 of 6 – “The Surprising Reality About Bottlenecks”
Have you ever experienced a “bait and switch?” It can be frustrating when expectations don’t meet reality.
We believe that organizations are currently facing this level of frustration when trying to identify bottlenecks using graphs provided by some applications. Bottleneck graphs are often based on average cycle time. Is this effective? Or is it simply a feckless distraction?

In this microwebinar, we will delve into different perspectives on locating bottlenecks, how they might be useful (or not), and the reason that only using your average cycle time to identify your bottlenecks is not enough to get the job done.

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are actively implementing value stream management. So maybe the problem for the industry isn’t that we can’t measure. Perhaps it’s that we are measuring the wrong things. At ConnectALL, we believe there are 11 key VSM metrics that you MUST measure in your value stream. Download the guide to learn why these metrics matter, and how they will make your value stream more predictable.

  • Topic 2 of 6 – “Make your value streams flow: How to start seeing your value stream”

In the last session, we highlighted the difference between value stream management and a value stream, and how you need to start seeing your value stream. In this session, we will tell you how to start seeing your value stream and make meaningful connections. You need to understand what tools you use at every step, the people involved and the processes. Seeing your value stream helps you cut waste, make processes more efficient, align cross-functional teams and business goals, plan for future growth and do the right things.

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  • Topic 1 of 6 – “What’s the difference between value stream management and a value stream?”

Watch our first five-minute ‘microwebinar’, part of a series with value stream management provider ConnectALL. SD Times editor-in-chief and VSMcon chairman David Rubinstein will be hosting ConnectALL president and COO Lance Knight as we answer the question, “What’s the difference between value stream management and a value stream?”.

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