Perfecto announced its latest support for Flutter integration testing for native mobile applications. 

Flutter is an open-source framework by Google that enables Dart developers and programmers to build, test, and deploy mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase.

Perfecto now supports integration testing, otherwise known as end-to-end or GUI testing and is one of three types of testing for Flutter apps. It’s done through a configurable Gradle plugin that allows users to install and run the iOS and Android tests in parallel and at scale.

“We are committed to support up and coming frameworks as well as the popular frameworks that our customers use to ensure the quality of their Omni-channel apps.” said Stephen Feloney, VP of Products – Continuous Quality at Perforce. “Flutter is the latest example of this commitment.”

Developers will have access to AI-powered reporting that enables users to quickly identify and fix issues in their Flutter integration tests. 

Additional details on Flutter Integration Testing with Perfecto is available here.