Pingar, a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions, today announced the availability of the Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2010. The solution automates the assignment of metadata to documents, making it easier to search and organize large amounts of unstructured data. Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2010 is now available for download at and includes a trial version that will extract metadata from hundreds of documents on a recurring basis.
Jeff Freid, CTO, BA Insight said, “Tagging documents to assign metadata is a laborious process, and often suffers within a typical enterprise from a lack of consistency, a lack of quality, and a lack of completeness. Automatically tagging SharePoint documents with relevant metadata ensures complete, consistent information and enhances the most common searches.”
The Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2010 installs directly into the SharePoint 2010 environment and can access the Pingar entity extraction API via the cloud or via an on-premise installation.  The Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2010 processes documents in a SharePoint document library and assigns metadata into the document library columns.
Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO of Pingar, said, “By unlocking the unstructured content within documents and returning relevant keywords and business entities, Pingar helps manage the overwhelming amount of data being created by enterprises on a daily basis.”
Pingar’s API can also be integrated with an organization or industry’s proprietary taxonomies, ensuring that all applicable information is searched, saved and stored systematically. By integrating these taxonomies, Pingar customizes enterprise content management systems and maximizes return on enterprise information management investments.