Screenful has launched a new suite of dashboard integrations for software development platform GitHub. The integrations will help teams visualize project development statuses through real-time visual dashboards displayed on large screens on office floors. This, in turn, helps teams avoid pitfalls common to agile development projects by automatically tracking and communicating progress to all project stakeholders.

Screenful CEO Sami Linnanvuo has spent 2 decades working and researching within the fields of data analytics and visualization. He founded Screenful in 2013 to address a problem that is contributing towards the current 50% failure rate in IT projects.

“Project managers are often unable to answer even the most basic questions related to their production process,” says Linnanvuo. “What is the likelihood you’ll deliver on time? Where are the production bottlenecks? Where are you spending most of your time? There is a range of collaboration tools on the market for getting projects done, but these problems still exist. Screenful automatically plugs into the most common development platforms and immediately gives you the big picture of how things are really progressing.”

Screenful is the only business intelligence dashboarding tool to support GitHub, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and Jira. The company currently has a portfolio of 200 customers from startups to stock listed multinationals located in 30+ countries, who use Screenful in a wide range of projects.

“For anyone that applies Agile and Scrum workflows to their process, the Screenful Power-Up is the dashboard of your dreams,” says Brian Cervino, Product Marketing Manager at Trello. “View the Screenful dashboard right from your Trello board. It displays Burndown Charts, Cumulative Flow Diagrams, and an overview of how on track teams are with their sprints. With Screenful you can create sprints and releases, track your lead and cycle times, and more.”

Significant clients include Unity Technologies, and Finnish telecommunications company Elisa. The company is backed by funding from Tekes and Angel investors totalling €400K, and has recently opened a sales office in Berlin.