Recessions, wars, natural disasters—the Knights of the Software Development Table handled those challenges, and more, during 2009.

Rather than swords and shields, the mighty warriors wielded Twitter. Many took their first journeys into the Cloud or went into new adventures in mobile apps development. With trusty IDEs and reliable ALM systems by their side, our brave knights went in all directions, many choosing a traditional path, others finding a more agile route to success.

Let the heralds proclaim the SD Times 100!
As we review the year past, the editors of SD Times hereby recognize the top leaders and innovators of our glorious industry. The 100 companies and projects listed herein have ably demonstrated their ability to set the agenda and advance the state of the art.

From Web, Web 2.0 & Rich Internet Applications to Agile & Collaboration, from Tools & Frameworks to Quality Assurance, from Software Confirmation Management to overall Influencers, this year’s Knights of the Software Development Table hail from far and wide.

King Arthur would be proud.

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