SD Times 100 2016: Blazing Their Own Trail

To find your way along the ever-changing software development landscape takes a steady compass, a lot of fortitude, and even some prescience.

The SD Times 100 honors those companies, consortia and industry projects that have forged a path for others to follow, or have taken the lead on a current trek across this rocky world of ours.

Those companies have demonstrated innovation, advancing the state of the art of software development. They’ve often captured the lion’s share of their market, or led the direction of and commits to an important open-source project. And, they’re what the people in our industry are talking about. “Did you see what IBM is doing with Watson?” or “Can you believe how Git has grown in such a short time?” Their work is valued by others in the industry, and that has helped them climb the edifice to the pinnacle of their field.

Like this craggy landscape, which often sends companies off in different directions, so too does the SD Times 100 send them into different categories. For 2016, the categories are ALM and Development Tools; APIs, Libraries and Frameworks; Big Data and Business Intelligence; Database and Database Management; the Cloud; DevOps; Test, Security and Performance; SCM; User Experience; and, of course, Influencers.

Let us know what you think of this year’s selectio­ns by joining the conversation on Twitter at #2016sdtimes100.

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