Difficult digital transformation efforts and responding to 2020’s coronavirus pandemic set many organizations back in the last year, but also presented opportunities for others. Software tooling and solutions providers saw unexpected growth in helping companies change the way they interacted with their customers, as well as how they managed their staff, and how teams managed to collaborate even as working from home — ‘WFH’ — became the new normal.

This year’s SD Times 100 honors those technology leaders and innovators for helping their customers find the new ways of working — be it restaurants that needed new applications for taking orders and payments online, to logistics companies delivering those meals, groceries and packages from a variety of different suppliers. That meant creating new applications quickly, which led to this year’s renaming of the “Low Code/No Code” category to include the term “Digital Transformation.”

Further, many organizations turned to value stream management to ensure they were working efficiently and reducing bottlenecks that waste time and hinder efforts to deliver value rapidly. This year’s SD Times 100 gives those solution providers their moment in the limelight as well.

Along with the more traditional categories of software development, this year’s SD Times 100 reflects an image of where the industry is at right now —a snapshot, if you will.

Get the picture? Hope you enjoy this year’s SD Times 100.

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