Just like in Jericho, the walls separating segments of what has become the modern software development life cycle have come a-tumbling down. So development managers needs to know more about infrastructure than ever before, and these are the companies leading the way.
Whether you’re doing manual testing or automated testing, one thing is for sure: The more you can test, the better quality software you will deliver. These are the companies leading the way in modern, “shift-left” testing tools and methodologies.

With cycles getting shorter and shorter, developers need tools that help them with Continuous Integration and Delivery, as well as managing issues in post-production. With speed in mind, these companies keep developers on track, no matter how fast they need to go.

Software that performs poorly can cost you customers. Software delivered with vulnerabilities can cost your customers. These are the top companies working to protect your data and ensure your customers get a phenomenal user experience.

Application life-cycle management needs sound methods coupled with up-to-date tools and platforms for requirements so that teams know what to do and when to do it by. These companies helped developers stick to the plan and avoid falling behind in 2017.

What good is an app if a user doesn’t want to interact with it? An underrated quality in software development, user experience is where a well-built application can fail in the eyes of the market. These companies, though, can help prevent that from happening to your app, with tools and technologies that can win a user’s attention (and appreciation), regardless of device.

Big Data has hit it big. Every company that has reams of data is looking for ways to effectively store, retrieve and interpret it all. Fortunately these vendors are working on handling this otherwise daunting task, making the mountain of Big Data look like a much more manageable molehill.

It’s one thing to create a great piece of software. It’s quite another to have it make a mark on the entire industry. These are the companies and organizations whose work has had a significant impact on what others build, how they build it, and ultimately, who uses it.

Data is still the most important part of software projects, and managing data structures is just as important. These companies are creating the integrations that best receive and utilize that data.

With the cloud firmly established, the focus has turned to services, security and integration. These companies have led the way with platforms that keep information available as needed, when needed and where needed.

Frameworks help you build your applications well, but a well-built application means nothing if it can’t connect to and exchange information with other systems. These companies help you create and share applications that your customers are looking for.

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