Security Compass introduced the new DevOps tool category Balanced Development Automation (BDA) in order to empower organizations to build secure digital products without compromising time to market.

According to the company, development teams usually have to choose between “fast and risk” or “slow and safe.” BDA aims to improve processes that are manual, inconsistent, silo and expensive, and enable developers to choose a “fast and safe” approach. 

BDA aims to accelerate software releases, improve product security, save operational and remediation costs, as well as enable better utilization of scarce security experts, according to Security Compass. 

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“Organizations are under intense pressure to continuously delight customers, release products faster and gain a competitive advantage; but too often, this means security and compliance cannot take priority. Balanced Development Automation is an approach that enables organizations to build digital products nearly as fast as if they were developed without any security or compliance – yet are inclusive of critical security controls,” said Rohit Sethi, CEO of Security Compass.

The company believes its BDA platform SD Elements can enable organizations to adopt a balanced development approach for rapid and secure app development by acting as a guide and delivering security and compliance instructions for each part of the work.

“In an age where a security breach can be disastrous not only in terms of financial costs but also to brand reputation, organizations have no choice but to take a proactive stance to software security. Today, we call on our industry peers to foster a Balanced Development Automation approach and make it the new standard for building software applications faster with fewer vulnerabilities. Together, we can go fast and stay safe,” added Sethi.

Additional details on the new market category and solution are available here.