Sharegate has completely revolutionized the SharePoint Migration market in the last three years creating and continuously improving the Simplest SharePoint Migration tool. Today marks a milestone in Sharegate’s history, having just released a Beta version of their brand new SharePoint Governance Tool.

Why Governance? The Sharegate Geeks were tired of seeing this word getting overcomplicated by the industry. Most of all, a good Governance tool is so expensive that small to medium organizations cannot afford them. Following the Sharegate philosophy, the team just delivered the simplest Governance tool ever made and, the beta version is free. Everyone can now keep a certain level of control over their SharePoint without headaches.

This first version comes with simple new features that will make SharePoint Governance simple once and for all. You can now find SharePoint objects matching conditions of your choice and modify them all at once. It’s a simple find & fix tool! Remember, this is only a beta version and for now it will help you enforce existing Governance rules. Awesome new features are coming soon!

SharePoint Governance made simple. To get access to this crazy simple tool, you can download Sharegate Governance for free on

Get more information on this new tool here: New SharePoint Governance Tool Beta Release