InstallAware announced updates such as instant access to commonly used operations, setup build modes with output folders, significant improvements to the IDE’s visual designers and the setup engine, and more in the latest Multi Platform Beta 4 release. 

Developers can benefit from larger IDE fonts and unified dialog theme file names in the latest beta. 

InstallAware Multi Platform is an application repackager for macOS and Linux that enables developers to discover changes made by any process or any package and setup. 

The platform was created because for macOS, most apps don’t come with an uninstaller. While drag-and-drop apps that are placed in the /Applications folder don’t pose much of a problem, apps that come with standard macOS PKG installers cannot be uninstalled automatically, which is surprising in this day and age, according to Francesco Toscano, developer manager at InstallAware Software. 

As for Linux, there are so many incompatible package managers with their own unique standards even though uninstalling software is technically possible.

InstallAware aims to solve repackaging issues by providing the same IDE, Dialog Designer, command line build tool, and the entire toolchain natively for both Intel/AMD and ARM. It also enables developers to address the complexity of application deployment regardless of platform by letting them build and maintain a single setup project, together with all its assets such as scripts, localizations, and custom dialogs.

The solution then takes the single setup project and compiles it as a native code setup program with the same look, feel, and predictable behavior on macOS, Linux, or Windows.

“As the InstallAware Multi Platform evolves, we’re looking to become the one-stop-shop for all things packaging related, irrespective of target platform or the underlying package format,” said Francesco Toscano, developer manager at InstallAware Software. “From having a package format agnostic, single workflow; to integrating Docker-like containerization for deployment targets, InstallAware Multi Platform heralds the arrival of the future of multi-platform installation.”

Additional details on the latest update are available here.