JFrog announced the beta of the Artifactory release lifecycle management platform to standardize and track development processes with greater accountability and security. 

“Organizations of all sizes are challenged to keep software up-to-date and secure while operating at the speed of business, particularly when development teams are globally distributed, which can result in a lack of standardization and gaps in visibility,” Yoav Landman, co-founder and CTO at JFrog said. 

What prompted this release is the lack of standardization of software release processes within organizations which requires an increase in customization by engineering and platform teams. 

Development organizations can now confidently attest to the quality and security of software releases, thanks to JFrog Artifactory’s new capabilities. This tool allows developers to group a release candidate and all its associated artifacts into a single, signed, and immutable bundle, to be promoted toward production.

“These new lifecycle management capabilities will help developers increase velocity, identify areas for process improvement, and make security an integral part of the software supply chain so companies can quickly improve value streams with confidence,” Landman continued.

The new features include DevOps best practices and consistency, improved application security, and automated traceability metrics for improved efficiency.