Unqork announced Codeless as a Service which allows enterprise customers to build, run, and manage software with a single open data definition. 

To support Codeless as a Service, the company added new capabilities to Unqork OS, such as high-performance engine and rules orchestration which executes complex business logic. 

One new capability in Unqork OS is Embedded Unqork enables creators to embed Unqork applications within existing technology ecosystems. Other capabilities include self-service styling and an extensible component architecture. 

It also added new features to Codeless Data Experiences, which offers platform features that “enhance data-centric innovations with increased usability so users can shape, scale, validate and migrate their application data.”

Features of Codeless Data Experiences that will be incrementally rolled out to Unqork users include Bring Your Own Schema for users to import schemas and data models to increase collaboration. Also, Data Binding offers drag-and-drop fields from a data model onto a UI canvas. Data Contracts and Validation provide easy data modeling onboarding and data validation and Data Access to make sure that queries work well on all data models. 

“As we look to the future of software development, we’re picking up where the serverless movement left off and continuing on the journey of abstraction and empowering enterprises to build, run and manage their applications without having to think about the underlying code,” said Gary Hoberman, the CEO and founder of Unqork. “Codeless as a Service allows customers to create technology with the security, scalability, usability and extensibility that they need, all while simultaneously uniting their business and technology teams, improving developer productivity and reimagining the customer experience.”