Codefresh launched the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform (CSDP), which brings the Argo toolset, including Workflows, Events, CD, and Rollouts, into a single platform. Argo is an open-source project that Codefresh maintains that offers tools for running workflows and managing clusters in Kubernetes.

“Enterprise-class tooling for Argo – built on GitOps best practices – enables faster software delivery and smoother, scalable DevOps automation, and this is crucial to our customers’ business success as it gives them a clear competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Raziel Tabib, the CEO and cofounder of Codefresh. “CSDP allows our customers to innovate more quickly and deploy software more frequently, reliably and confidently.”

CSDP offers detailed deployment insights and analytics across environments and deployments through a centralized UI. 

Other benefits include built-in pipeline speed optimizations, traceable image deployments, flexible resource sharing, and centrally managed versioning.

Customers also have access to stringent security governance that directs all communication from clusters through protected firewall connections and with “no need for ad hoc security permissions.”