Atomist has announced the launch of Drift Management, an open-source solution to help development teams keep their code and processes current and consistent. 

The new solution enables users to analyze, discover and visualize code and process usage, identify drift and issues that need attention, fix issues and reduce drift through policies and track progress and manages policies over time. 

“Organizations are under pressure to work faster and be more agile, yet legacy delivery tools aren’t designed for today’s containerized microservices environments,” said Rod Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Atomist. “Our goal is to enable teams to take back control of their cloud native development. With the addition of Drift Management, Atomist is the essential platform to comprehend your software landscape, drive your team towards convergence on best practices and achieve consistency across all delivery policies.”

ThoughtSpot raises $248 million for search and AI-driven analytics
ThoughtSpot announced that it raised $248 million to expand its search and AI-driven analytics solutions. The company is now valued at $1.95 billion. 

“The world is changing fast, and businesses that change faster will thrive. As technology partners to our customers, we have only one job: provide the agility that’s like oxygen to these organizations so they can compete and win,” ThoughtSpot wrote in a statement

With ThoughtSpot, users can type a simple Google-like search to instantly analyze billions of rows of data by using AI. The users then receive relevant insights that include “answers to thousands of questions they might not have thought to ask,” offering comprehensive analysis of the topic at hand, the company explained. 

HackerRank adds data science to its hiring platform
Technical hiring platform HackerRank launched its HackerRank Projects for Data Science to help recruiters and hiring managers find data scientists. 

HackerRank enables enterprises to assess advanced skills tailored specifically to data scientists, standardize the data science hiring process and simulate real-world job environments. 

“HackerRank has changed the way enterprises hire software developers—now, we’re bringing the same much-needed functionality to data science,” said Vivek Ravisankar, CEO and co-founder of HackerRank. “This product will help close the gap between the expectations and needs of employers, allowing them to more easily identify and recruit the data science talent they need to ship innovative products.”

TIBCO and Snowflake announce new data analytics for cloud-native users
TIBCO announced that it will integrate with Snowflake, a data warehouse built for the cloud. This will allow business analysts and data scientists to manage data sets to deploy advanced analytics at scale. 

TIBCO said that the integration will benefit cloud-native enterprises that are using TIBCO Spotfire advanced data exploration and analytics capabilities to discover insights in the Snowflake Data Warehouse.

“Data volumes in the enterprise are at an all-time high and companies need solutions that will fuel their digital transformation journeys. With TIBCO and Snowflake, customers will reap the benefits of being able to manage data at scale and achieve valuable insights,” said Colleen Kapse, vice president of partners at Snowflake.