Catchpoint announced major platform enhancements including Application Performance Management deep linking and expanded integrations that provide enterprises complete user experience visibility. 

“Today, many Enterprises struggle to deliver their business outcomes with traditional monitoring technology as the majority of legacy tools are incapable of providing holistic business-level observability of a hybrid IT world,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “These new capabilities are another important milestone towards empowering IT teams so they can manage the visibility challenges associated with everything hybrid.”

Customers can now perform mesh monitoring to diagnose or fault isolate network-related issues between multiple locations, including ones within an enterprise premise. 

Additional details are available here.

Codefresh announces new GitOps features 

Codefresh launched its new GitOps controller and “current state” dashboard, which makes it easier for developers to install and maintain an ArgoCD instance while the GitOps dashboard offers comprehensive support for ArgoCD’s App of Apps.

“This GitOps controller allows our users to really do GitOps at scale,” said Dan Garfield, Codefresh’s chief open-source officer. “To be able to track changes, drift, and trace everything back to tickets, comitters, and changes means identifying regressions is simple. This gives teams the confidence to deploy more often.”

It offers the ability to make quick visual assessments and provides real-time determination of configuration drift to ensure that deployments are in sync. 

Sopheon releases latest version of Accolade

Sopheon’s latest release of the Accolade innovation management platform connects corporate strategy to portfolio planning and execution processes. 

This release adds new integration capabilities with off-the-shelf integrations of over 100+ third-party systems. 

It also includes a complete product enhancement system that simplifies user feedback and features a new Rich Text formatting of information along with the ability to conditionally show data and other improvements as part of an improved user experience by reducing reliance on external documents.

Snowflake announces support of Unified ID 2.0

Snowflake announced support for Unified ID 2.0 to help organizations easily enrich audience data without sharing users’ personally identifiable information.

Snowflake customers will be able to optimize their data-first advertising strategies by directly activating audiences on any platform that has adopted Unified ID 2.0.

Brands will be able to join purchase data and ad exposure data tied to Unified ID 2.0s, publishers will be able to activate their first-party data with Unified ID 2.0s and data partners will be able to augment data assets of brands and publishers. 

Go 1.17 RC

The Go 1.17 Release Candidate 1 adds support of 64-bit ARM architecture on Windows and the 64-bit MIPS architecture on OpenBSD (the openbsd/mips64 port) now supports cgo.

The new version also adds three small enhancements to the language including conversions from slice to array pointer, “unsafe.Add” and “unsafe.Slice.”

The package unsafe enhancements were added to simplify writing code that conforms to unsafe.Pointer’s safety rules, but the rules remain unchanged.

Go 1.17 is expected to be released in August 2021.