Code Dx and Secure Code Warrior teamed up to launch Project Better Code, which aims to help organizations push the pace of software development without compromising security. 

Code Dx has integrated Secure Code Warrior into its automated vulnerability management and correlation platform to offer contextual training specific to an organization’s vulnerabilities. 

“Oftentimes, there are thousands of results in a project and there’s no way for security to triage all of them while keeping up with the speed of DevOps. The Code Dx platform effectively solves that problem,” said Utsav Sanghani, the director of product management at Code Dx. “While fixing problems is critical, preventing coding errors that result in vulnerabilities can only be addressed through consistent, integrated contextual training offered by organizations like Secure Code Warrior.”

Octopai introduces Data Lineage XD

Octopai announced its new multidimensional data lineage platform, Data Lineage XD, to help enterprises achieve an in-depth view of their data flow so that they can get more value from their data assets. 

The platform’s three layers of data management include cross-system lineage, inner-system lineage and end-to-end column lineage.

With the new release, Octopai aims to enhance collaboration for BI teams, democratize data management and also to simplify the onboarding process for new employees. 

New Microsoft Teams features announced

Microsoft announced the general availability of new personal features in Teams to help family and friends communicate in more innovative ways. 

The Together mode feature enables people to turn regular video calls into ones where people share a virtual environment such as a family lounge, coffee shop or a summer resort.

Microsoft also helps people manage tasks directly within their group chats by creating shared to-do lists and assigning tasks to various members of the group. 

Additional details are available here.

Apache weekly update

Last week, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) saw the release of HttpComponents Client 5.1 GA, which supports encryption with the HTTPS protocol, adds pluggable socket factories and TLS strategies and more. 

Additional releases from the ASF last week included UIMA uimaFIT 3.2.0, Log4cxx 0.12.0, ActiveMQ 5.15.15 and 5.16.2, SkyWalking Kong 0.1.1, Tomcat 8.5.66, 9.0.46 and 10.0.6 as well as MyFaces Core 2.0.25.

Also, Apache Trafodion, the webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Apache Hadoop is now retired due to inactivity. 

Additional details on all of the releases are available here.