Data governance company erwin announced a new version of its Data Modeler (DM) to support digital transformation, cloud migration, and infrastructure modernization. 

Erwin DM now features metadata-driven automation capabilities and support for data warehouse and DBMS modernization to ensure data governance and reduce data management costs and data-related risks.

It also includes native support for Snowflake (4.1.x) and MariaDB (10.x) databases. 

“As a result of COVID 19, businesses around the world are drastically stepping up their digital transformation efforts, including moving their legacy data to the cloud to ensure it’s more available for decision-making,” said erwin CEO Adam Famularo. ”So we continue to invest in the technology we pioneered to ensure customers can understand, design and deploy new data sources, plus support data governance and intelligence efforts, to further reduce data management costs and data-related risks, while improving the quality and agility of an organization’s overall data capability.”

Progress DataDirect DevOps connectors
Progress announced the availability of new data connectors designed to improve the integration of analytics and reporting within the DevOps process for TeamCity, GitHub, Aha! and Jira.

“A key tenant of DevOps is continuous improvement and critical to that success is information – analysis of productivity metrics, feature functionality, quality and adoption and more. But when this information is within discrete systems and teams, it is difficult to measure the overall impact and where improvements need to be made. This is where data connectivity tools, such as DataDirect, offer tremendous value – enabling a cross-process view of data that results in better decision making,” said Stewart Bond, research director, Data Integration and Intelligence software research at IDC.

More information on how to get the new data connectors is available here.

Mozilla’s front-end developer learning pathway
Mozilla created the front-end developer learning pathway to address feedback that found MDN Web Docs Learning Area too difficult to understand. 

The pathway starts by stating the subjects, prerequisite knowledge, and where to get help. After that, it includes background reading on how to set up a minimal coding environment. 

It includes detailed guides that cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Forms, testing and accessibility, and modern client-side tooling. 

Additional details are available here.

Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0 now available
Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0 includes added internal driver support to provide resiliency to DNS failures, added support for Active Directory modes. 

It also includes added support for optional ORDER hints in SqlBulkCopy for improved performance.

“If you are still using System.Data.SqlClient, you just have to replace the old library with the new one, as it is a true drop-in replacement. All you code will still work as before. But it will be more future-proof,” Microsoft stated in a blog post.